The Dom Bedos heritage - Albi and St Maximin



[1] Extraordinary performance & recording of Mendelssohn 3rd Sonata HAPPY BIRTHDAY

[2] The Dom Bedos project in Italy

[3] Flustes with tremulant

[4] Carcassonne - another Formentelli and precedent for Positif on 3rd Manual

[5] How close is the Hauptwerk simulation to the real St Maximin organ?

[6] Demonstration of St Maximin style registration and repertoire tomorrow 3.30pm

[7] Isnard pupil Grinda - Villefranche and L'Escarene - Olivier Vernet 5th Sept '10

[8] Why Dom Bedos and St Maximin deserve their own subject area

[9] Another Dom Bedos Moucherel Formentelli organ


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