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Concert by the God of Gods of the piano . . .
Sunday 30th October – Kazimierz Morski - Piano - Hammerwood Park, East Grinstead, Sussex

Johann Sebastian Bach       - Partita n.1: Praeludium – Allemande - Courante - Sarabande
        - Menuet  I -  Menuet  II - Gigue
Franz Schubert                   - 2 Improvvisi:      -  op.90     n.3 in sol bemolle maggiore
                                           -  op.142   n.2 in La bemolle maggiore
Fryderyk Chopin                 - Fantasie - Impromptu   op. 66 in do diesis minore
                                            - Ballata   op.23   in sol minore
Robert Schumann                  -  Kinderszenen  op.15,  nn. 1, 12, 13, 7
Sergej Rachmaninov               -  2 Preludi:      op. 3    n.2 in do diesis minore
-   op. 32  n.12 in sol diesis minore
Fryderyk Chopin                     -   Notturno    op. 9    n.2  in Mi bemolle maggiore
                                                -    Valse op.64   n.1  in Re bemolle maggiore
                                                -   Scherzo    op. 31  in si bemolle minore
Kazimierz Morski was born in Poland in 1939. In 1957 he completed his study in piano at the conservatory of Katowice. Seven years later he obtained an advanced degree in piano and organ from the superior music school of Warsaw. During this period he went to Japan and Russia for several tourneys. His meetings with Neuhaus (Warsaw) and Benedetti Michelangeli (Arezzo) were of great importance. In 1971 he also graduated in theory, composition and orchestra conducting in the same institution of Katowice. He took part in a number of well-known international competitions (Warsaw, Munich, Wien, Katowice) and toured the USSR, Africa and Europe. For more than seven years he was the Polish Philharmonic orchestra's music director and he worked with the world’s most famous musicians including Czerny-Stefanska, Richter, Ax and Kremer. His activity has been intense in Poland and Italy as both pianist and conductor: 5 Concertos by Beethoven, 2 by Chopin, Grieg, 2 by Liszt, Rachmaninov (III) and Prokofiev (III). He has worked with the Orchestra of Warsaw and Cracovia, Philharmonic Orchestra of Katowice, Musicverein in Wien, Scarlatti Orchestra in Naples, Orchestra of Parma, Santa Cecilia Orchestra in Rome, and the Theatre of Padova and Verona-Arena. In 1982 Kazimierz Morski conducted the orchestra of Lanciano-Festival for Pope John Paul II in Castel Gandolfo (Rom): (Chopin, Concert f minor and Beethoven, V Symphony). In 1994 he was nominated Professor in University of Katowice (Poland) and visiting Professor at the University of Madrid and Rome II. He is an authority on musical interpretation. He has recorded CDs and for the radio -TV both in Poland, in Italy and abroad: (at dezember 2010: in Italian Tv (RAI II and III): Chopin. He taught both international concert pianist Adolfo Barabino and Michel d’Ambrosio, professor of piano studies at Potenza University.

Hammerwood concerts are unique on account of presenting classical music on an instrument tuned to a Good Temperament, a type of tuning which Bach intended to be used for the performance of his 48 for the Well Tempered Clavier. For the past hundred and twenty years at least, instruments have been tuned with all notes equally spaced, in an every increasing move towards achieving international standards and eliminating all variations. The change of character upon change of musical key-sign has been lost and is to be heard once again on the instruments at Hammerwood Park
SEATS: ££10 Members – Children Free – Adults bringing children: Half price–
 please telephone 0 1 3 4 2   8 5 0 5 9 4 or email  a n t e s p a m @ g m a i l . c o m to come


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