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I hope that the rest of the administration team do not mind me advertising a link to my own website:

There are a few resources and galleries to look through, in addition to a feature on the CD recording of the organ in Wimborne Minster. However, there is still a great deal of work to do. The Gazetteer in particular, needs sorting into a more logical order; this will have to wait for a few days or so, though.

Visitors are welcome.

David Drinkell:
I was suitably edified and had a good laugh too.  A winning formula - thank-you.

David Pinnegar:
Dear Sean

Your site is great . . . and encouraging enthusiasms is what this site is all about . . . so yes please keep working on it! I think it was through your site that I discovered your most enjoyable Wimborne Minster organ CD which I very much recommend other members to buy.

I wish a few other members with interesting sites and CDs would (such as Hector) continue to plug away here enthusing other members about their work . . . That's what this site is for . . .

It's heartening to know also that organ anoraks wind up being great inspirational players, even if through multiple convolutions  ;) . . .

Best wishes

David P

Thank you to David and David for your kind comments above.

I hope to expand the Gazetteer at the week-end (and possibly impose a more alphabetically-ordered layout); in addition, I have found my photographs of a choir trip to Santiago (Spain), for which I was organist - I hope to upload another new gallery of these pictures at the week-end, too

Barrie Davis:
Dear Sean,

I have just spent an enjoyable few minutes looking at your website, congratulations on this project. The blogs you have made are really amusing, I particularly liked the one about your trip to the top of St Pauls. Incidentally do they really have blow up models of Rowan Williams in the gift shop, I have been trying to get one for ages to put in the garden.
Please keep more coming.
Best wishes



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