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@pcnd - may I suggest that you include the NPOR ref. for the organs in your gazatteer.  Keep up the good work.

Every Blessing


Thank you, Tony.

I would be happy to include the NPOR links - I was not sure whether this was acceptable or not.


--- Quote from: Barrie Davis on January 27, 2012, 08:52:19 AM ---Dear Sean,

I have just spent an enjoyable few minutes looking at your website, congratulations on this project. The blogs you have made are really amusing, I particularly liked the one about your trip to the top of St Pauls. Incidentally do they really have blow up models of Rowan Williams in the gift shop, I have been trying to get one for ages to put in the garden.
Please keep more coming.
Best wishes


--- End quote ---

Thank you for your kind words, Barrie.

Rowan Williams - I regret, no; this was pure license on my part. However, I shall keep looking out for one and, if I am successful, you shall be the first to know....

Sounds like there's a gap in the market for an enterprising individual to fill... hmm, I wonder!  ::)

@PCND... - no problem with NPOR links - it helps our web presence.  The only thing s we ask are for an attribution of source if you quote anything from the site, and let us know if you find any errors!

Every Blessing



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