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Leslie Bourne Talk
« on: October 10, 2012, 07:03:34 PM »

EOCS members will know that I'm (slowly as time permits) remastering the society's archive of tape recordings.  There are some real gems in there.  The recording on the computer at present is from an EOCS meeting back in 1967 of Leslie Bourne (inventor of the electrostatic generators used by Compton) talking about them - and related matters & anecdotes from his early life.l  This should be available on CD (for members only) before too much longer.

One thing he said that many organ builders - of all types of organ - would do well to remember "the part that's most inaccessible will, of course, fail first" - and an anecdote about Warwick Collegiate church where, reputedly Hope-Jones was so confident of the reliability of his organ action he put it in a crypt which was subsequently covered with paving slabs cemented down.  Needless to say, they soon had to be lifted for access!

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