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Isnard pupil Grinda - Villefranche and L'Escarene - Olivier Vernet 5th Sept '10

Started by organforumadmin, August 31, 2010, 11:25:33 PM

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Villefranche and L'Escarene are worth visits if you are staying near Nice in the South of France

If you go to the Tourist Office at L'Escarene you'll be able to buy a CD of Cludine Grisi playing a very enjoyable programme at Villefranche Sur Mer from My Lady Careys Dompe to Messiaen and at L''Escarene there are concerts  - this weekend by Olivier Verner . These instruments were built by Grinda in 1790 and 1791, an interesting builder who worked for the King of Sardinia, and show what is possible from a small specification on a single manual and pedalboard with a divided manual and a comparitively modest specification - in an unequal temperament which is mild enough to be used in all keys but to give a distinct key flavour as intended.

Certainly worthy of investigation as inspiration for new pipe organs.

The voicing of the reeds is such that even with only the Trumpet, Clairon and Cornet, a good Grand Jeu is produced but, of course, these are Huit Pieds instruments without the gravitas of the Seize Pieds of St Maximin.

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Sounds like interesting organs.  Divided stops are, in my opinion, under rated, and tend to appear only in the smallest of organs these days, if at all.  Agreed, you have to remember where the break is, so that parts don't stray across it, but it adds a great deal of flexibility to small and medium sized organs.  Many early English organs had at least some divided stops, allowing a r.h. solo against accompaniment in the l.h. or vice versa.  of course, it's a concept well known to Harmonium players, as the classic French Harmonium always has divided stops - and Cesar Frank's "L'Organiste" includes many pieces which demonstrate their usefulness.

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