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Hi, I just saw this on one of the music lists and was impressed that there is interest in Modern Harpsichords.
regards Peter B

The Department of Music at the University of Southampton (UK), together with The National Trust and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, announce TWO fully-funded collaborative PhD studentships, commencing 1 October 2013.  These studentships are for the project The Making of the Modern Harpsichord.

This project aims to investigate the history of harpsichord revival in England, concentrating on the period from the mid-1930s onward, and to determine how the reinvention of the harpsichord by its advocates musicians, collectors, cataloguers, instrument makers influenced contemporary creative practice as well as fostering projects of historical revival. It will consider the development of harpsichord repertory in the twentieth century, interrogating the intersections between the edition and performance of historical works, the composition of new music, and the physical and sonic qualities of the increasingly prominent and rapidly evolving instrument.  The practical context for both studentships will be provided by the National Trust, principally at Mottisfont Abbey, the childhood home of Raymond Russell one of the most important figures in the mid-century early music revival and at Fenton House (London) and Hatchlands (Surrey), both of which house important collections of
 period keyboard instruments.

Studentships are open to eligible UK and EU resident students.  For further information and application details, please see


Closing date:  June 28, 2013.

Great news about Southampton's Feldberg F3 harpsichord. and great news that the grating political correctness
of the so-called authorities should be put in context!  I really have the same feelings reading Ed Kottick as I do enduring the current election campaign!

A Feldberg F1  - potentially a glorious instrument - failed to fetch a miserable 250 on Ebay recently: the tide will turn eventually!


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