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A prayer, a ritual valuable for atheists? Stephen Hawking's Black Hole God

Started by David Pinnegar, November 13, 2013, 10:27:01 AM

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David Pinnegar


My belief is that the organ and those buildings in which these instruments are housed has a great contribution to make to society.

This morning Stephen Hawking interviewed in The Guardian said that as a youngster he had debated all sorts of things with friends, such as whether the universe had to have had a designer to come into existence, and also saying that information that goes into a Black Hole is not lost but it does not come out usefully. Intriguingly that is exactly the position in which Stephen Hawking's God the Designer is in and he can't get God out of his Black Hole. The reality is that the God of Isreal, the God of Christianity, the God of Islam is the Creator, not the Designer, and is the breath of Life - that which gives life.

I found myself in an argument with a lady in China who had sold a fake item, produced in a factory with a backdoor production line dressing up lower specification equipment in higher specification boxes and labels. I took her through processes of logic as to why this was actually a bad idea and she responded positively. In the conclusion of the argument, I found myself using an idea given by the Bishop of Chelmsford I'd heard at a service the previous day.

This demonstrates the value of the Church in society. Christianity may yet even be useful in China.

Quote. . . trying to make the world a better place. This
means making products to be truly useful, not for a quick profit, but
useful to people to be useful within the context of the planet. This means
also making good decisions and helping others to make good decisions too.
We have to work together. In Christianity Jesus teaches that if we love our
neighbours, even across the world, as ourselves, then we have "heaven" or
"nirvana" on earth. It used to be said that the only sign of human activity
from space on earth is the great wall of China. Isn't it terrible that as
we look down on ourselves as humans from space the only sign of our
activity is a Great Wall, to protect ourselves from ourselves! This is why
we have to work together.

The lady responded positively and appreciatively saying that she looked forward to doing better, and as encouragement I responded with words we all know but interpreted into easier English and explanatory concepts . . . Is there anything in this interpration below that can not be accepted by atheists?

QuoteWe have a prayer which is wonderful wisdom which you might enjoy:

Our father which is in heaven
-(Our father, the Creator, the force of
creation, the process, our origin - which is in heaven - not the physical
sky but a place in our mind far above anything else)

Sacred be your name
-(Revered, Hallowed - and one does not go near the sacred, so one does
not say the name, one breathes it - breathe in breathe out aahhai - the
breath of life - that which gives life - common to us all)

Your kingdom come, your will (intentions, directions, orders) be done, on earth as it is in heaven
-(May the idea and understanding that results from this lead us as a king rather than being ruled by earthly rulers and may this idea in heaven be transferred into reality on earth)

Give us this day our daily bread
-(This is our hope for a reflection in the material world on earth
that we will be looked after by this force materially, but is also a plea
that this idea of the Creator, that which gives life, our origin, will give
us food for the mind for our parallel dimension, our parallel world in
our minds, in heaven)

And forgive us our trespasses
- (forgive us the wrong steps that we have taken or debts, things that we owe to others)

As we forgive those who have trespassed against us
- (on condition that we also forgive others their wrong steps against us or their debts)

And lead us not into temptation
-(may we not be tempted to step wrongly, knowing through the breath of life, God, where that might be)

But deliver us from evil
-(Where circumstances are bad and try to entrap us, show us through the work of goodness the way out)

For Yours is the glory, the power, for ever
-(So be it)

So it is my pleasure to give to you what you have lost and the Good Lord, the process of creation, will ensure that I am repaid from somewhere else and in this process I can have faith, a certainty, as I hope you may find also. Good things will happen. . .