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David Pinnegar:

Perhaps this thread might be on first sight a strange place to be on an organ forum. But as will become clear, organs and churches have a valuable part to play in bringing people together, and bringing people together in understanding, and this will turn out to be essential for any part of the human race to survive.

This might seem a bold assertion.

There are many waiting for Jesus' return from the clouds. There are many waiting for extraterrestrials to arrive from space, for comets such as Ison to come out of the blue and wipe out all evil. Whilst the texts tell us that we cannot know the time, my personal assertion is that people looking for the external force are looking in the wrong place and that there is an elephant in the room to which we're only just awakening.

One might wonder, upon the assertion that a cometry wipeout is going to wipe away the evil ones, exactly what the result might be. . . ? Certain religious denominations which appear perhaps to be more self righteous than others encourage people to consider themselves among the "saved" and others to prepare with stocks of food and survival kit, including weapons. So the assumed cometry wipeout will wipe away evil? And the "saved" who have prepared will kill with guns? Sorry if you might be inclined to disagree, but such mentality doesn't seem to me to be of the nature that Jesus Christ would be teaching about . . .

We are reminded in organ building where instruments have retained their bellows even despite the installation of an electric blower, that independence from power cuts is possible. . .  and here lies the sleeping elephant. is a wake-up call and warning of something much more real and relevant than a lump of rock called Ison or Nibiru or the visitation of an intergalactic spaceship coming out of the clouds . . . . The return of Jesus Christ is that of the spirit of God coming out of the clouds of our minds . . . and the catalyst for this is the arising consciousness of having started to burn through the last drops of oil that have given us such an easy, arguably comparatively lazy, life for the past century. We don't have to keep bees, collect wax, melt it with a string to make a candle and make fire to light it - we just flick a switch and have taken this for granted.

In seven years time, it's going to be patently apparent that life will never be the same again. At that time it will be seven years too late to prepare.

Now is the time, metaphorically in the words of which we are all aware, to put oil in our lamps rather than to be foolish virgins.

Elsewhere I have talked about an interpretation of the feeding of the 4000 and 5000 in terms that I'm aware is offensive to many. The reason why I stick my neck out is that psychologically it is easier for us to want a magickman to do things we can't do, for a magick spaceship to come and rescue us, and more difficult to accept an interpretation in which we are taught to have taken responsibility for each other, to share the resources we have rather than expect Big Daddy to come down and give us yet more.

The symbolism of Father Christmas is not what we receive as children, but what we give when we grow up each to be Father Christmasses ourselves and as our fathers expect us to grow up to be.

This is the time of the growing up of the human race, where through shortages we survive by sharing the different talents that we have and through mutual support of each other, our neighbours, and even our neighbours across waters and across the world. *

The problems we face with typhoons, famines, floods and fires are now a world issue for humanity for humanity to solve and which can be solved by the spirit of Jesus Christ descending out of the clouds of our higher minds.

It is the time, however, to open our minds not only to the preparations we might be doing in anticipation of famine and shortages and how we can share what we have but also to the magic of the universe which may yet save our civilisation releasing us from oil and the tyrannies of the oil based economy. outlines some exciting devices, for instance, which rely on the elimination of the back emf to which all those familiar with solenoids and organ magnets are familiar. Who has actually done the experiment to construct a Thane's transformer and see what happens?

Other devices described on the website are interesting. Mythically people speak of "cold" energy, a manifestation of a cold blue flame.

Anyone who has experienced a PET scan based on Positron Emission Tomography knows that antimatter exists and can be useful. Which of our grandparents ever dreamt that the human race would ever come into close encounters with antimatter? But that's exactly what positrons are - anti-electrons. As e=mc2 then if there is antimatter, there is also antienergy and this may well power things just as well as energy. This would make sense if what we perceive to be energy is the square of some more subtle concept. To the casual reader, this might appear a load of conjectural nonsense but at the very heart of physics we have two theories, Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity which don't agree. For this reason we can expect some experimental observations beyond the explanation of either theory and, if Quantum Mechanics is to be taken seriously, the whole of emptiness is full of energy and matter which creates and annihilates itself so fast and on such a small scale we cannot see it . . .

In the bookshop of Worth Abbey numerous books explore the deeper implications of science and religion. A browse through these a few weeks ago summed up the commonality of the perception of the miracle:

"In the beginning, nothing exploded and produced everything" . . .

If now we fail to examine what "Khuda", pronounced "h(g)odha" has given us, in all its meanings and implications, the human race will be unworthy of its own survival.

Best wishes

David P

* Luke 12:16-21

Paul Duffy:
I think power shortages are about to become a serious problem in Britain. The 'elephant in the room' seems to be immigration. We just don't know how many people are going to come here next year. The LibDem attitude seems to be: "lets hope for the best, perhaps these people won't come here". Everyone misses the point on immigration: it's either about people taking British jobs and school places or even about culture change. But no-one seems to ask: "where are we going to put them all?". Even with the existing housing the power stations are struggling with demand, so that's why the Government have decided on the bedroom tax/spare room subsidy as a short term fix. They know their hand is forced by European rules, but they equally realise that embarking on a massive house building program without adequate power supply is sheer lunacy.

The American TV series 'Revolution' is perhaps an interesting foretaste of a possible future. At some point we WILL have to contend with power cuts a la 1970's again in Britain. Luckily, the pipe organ I play still has its bellows pump in place, and I have an acoustic piano at home, so I'll still be able to make music come the Apocalypse!

Best wishes,

David Pinnegar:
Dear Paul

With the greatest of respect, energy, and the combined forces of the earth to destroy us who have done our best to destroy the earth, is the real elephant in the room. Yesterday I heard both that West Sussex County Council have approved fracking in Sussex, and that the Kalihari desert in Botswana is being fracked together with all the risks of water polluted by coal seams poisioning all the animals there and the extraction of water taking the water table down below the level of the wells of the humans who rely on it. So we are trying to extend the death throws of this rotten technology to the last depths and lengths of the earth. We have to get rid of it, or the earth will get rid of us - and if it doesn't, arguments and wars between us will.

The typhoon in the Philippines raises all these issues, and then where will all those people go? We will only survive if we work together not as nations but as a human race, with freedom of refuge whereever food and weather sustains us. If we do, if we gather together and share our talents and resources there will be enough for everybody, as indicated on that day when 4000 and again 5000 of us gathered together and Jesus, by telling everybody to love and to share produced food for
all from that which we had brought with us, with 12 baskets to spare.

Only replicating the Creator process in our individual, community, corporate, national, international lives can overcome the forces of division and destruction that we face.

The immigration issue is an easyone for the Daily Fail to latch onto. Picking on the outsider is just what those who want to profit want to encourage, to divide and rule, finding a scapegoat to excuse us from facing more obvious difficulties but which are too far outside of our comfort zone to deal with.

It's much too easy to pick on Eve or the Serpent in the Garden of Eden as scapegoats when the real issue that prevented our eating of the Tree of Life would have been our own unconsciousness of imprisonment within the garden. As soon as we realise that we are driven to climb the uncomfortable Tree of Knowledge because we are made in the image of the Creator, the image of the process that has created us, then the Garden of Eden ceases to be a paradise at all. Neither Eve nor the serpent are culpable: original sin and the scapegoats are the tools of those who want to control and exploit. Having marked the 75th anniversary of Krystallnacht should be warning enough not to go there.

The reality is that I know of an immigrant Philippino carer of Christian tradition by whom I would much rather be cared for than a godless yob obeying only the rules of the moneymachines that rule privatised care facilities. She cares.

I have been advising a lady from Jamaica who is installing solar power in her house there and letting it to students. She has been working in the UK for 20 years as a psychiatric nurse for the criminally insane. She is a good person and I would rather help her as a friend rather than an angry Roger running a business who would wipe his feet on me if he could and grind me under foot. More: she does an extraordinarily difficult job and one that is not attractive to those aspiring to life in the Yuppy lanes.

Furthermore, near 30 years ago employers were warned of the Demographic Timebomb: the impending collapse of the 18 year old population - and now our  universities cannot be supported on our production of young people. So our jobs that others don't want to do, our universities and a whole raft of things are supported by a mobility of population from which we benefit.

Of the whole raft of things are technicians from other countries where technical colleges still teach that necessary raft of useful meld of theory and practical skills, unhampered by the closure of school workshops hampered by cost and health and safety, and the aspirations towards fancy subjects such as Design Technology rather than actually how to saw and plane a piece of wood, safely with one's own hands.

IT, Business Studies, Photography and Fashion popular in many schools in preference to hard core subjects such as Physics and Chemistry and Mathematics has sold our young workforce short, devoid of the theory and practical skills with which actually to do business with their business studies, and the same shortsightedness has put R&D into the shadows.

The result is that without immigrants, and without working together - "coming together" our vulnerabilities to shortages and what mother earth has to throw at us are increased. Our civilisation is heading for a brick wall unless we start to prepare - now.

We can prepare towards a life without oil, by preparing for independence from oil by installing solar panels in offgrid configurations (such as with lots of free info) as well as exploring whether oil is completely unnecessary. It's for this reason that I am seeking a student apprentice, with engineering, physics, chemistry and or electronics behind them, a gap year student or graduate finding jobs thin on the ground, looking for assymetry in systems to methodically set up experiments to replicate to see whether any of the devices work usefully documented on
(The Stoern motor relies on established technology - the magnetic amplifier capable of use instead of valves and transistors to amplify audio . . . )
(Thane's transformer looks as though something unexpected should be expected)
(The difference of mass of lead and of oxygen is an instant indication of the capability of an asymmetric bias)
(in which _resonant_ dissociation of atoms in water is the are of interest)

So rather than fearing the immigrant, can someone find me any English student so that we can overcome the limitations of energy that will be put upon us? Or do I have to look for an immigrant student qualified and willing to help attempt replication of experiments?

Best wishes

David P

Paul Duffy:
David, I am grossly insulted by your implication that I swallow the crap churned out by the Daily Wail. I don't read newspapers. If you don't think unfettered immigration will have an effect on energy consumption that's your business, but clearly it is the 'elephant in the room' because we can't have a sensible debate about it in this country. And bringing the 'night of the broken glass' into this discussion proves it. Nobody is suggesting we pin yellow stars on immigrants.

Best wishes,

David Pinnegar:
Dear Paul

Please forgive me: no insult was intended - but population density in one area does not alter the total energy demand of the whole total population. So the energy demand is not the problem of one country or any one county's population but of the whole world, whereever that population is. Immigration from one place to another merely changes the place of energy demand but does not alter the quantum of demand, and its consequences. The problem we face is not a national problem but a world problem.

Indeed, we have to welcome our brothers and sisters as other parts of the world become inhospitable, through natural causes, through pollution radioactive and chemical, accepting people displaced from a polluted Botswana or Amazon from a demand for fracked oil that we have created making their land barren and uninhabitable just as we might have to displace from polluted uninhabitable Fukushima or Sussex to somewhere else and expect our brothers and sisters to accept us.

The time of coming to terms with sharing may well be about to be forced upon us. The result of not doing so is war and destruction. Only those who live by the sharing that is taught by the teachings of the Creator will survive.

Humanity is about to have to grow up. It's uncomfortable. It will be less uncomfortable if we have opened our minds to the research of technology that does away with the need, desire and ruination caused by the use of oil.

It is for this reason that I seek a research student with whom to experiment in the directions outlined above and urge others to do so likewise, there being among the organ fraternity those with skills and knowledge to do so.

Best wishes

David P


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