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David Pinnegar:
Dear Eric

Thank you so much for bringing us together, because we actually agree.

An Idea is a comprehension of something, something we cannot see in the material world other than in the abstraction of the mind, the mind in the process of creation. The product of the Creator itself! So we are made in the image of the Creator, we being of God, and God in us.

I use the word in that dimension beyond the material that encompasses the material and all else besides.

This idea is a physical reality. It is an understanding. Mary had the understanding brought in that flash for which Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein are known. Whilst understandings of gravitation and relativity are only ideas, noone can deny their reality. God likewise for reasons to become clear. It is an understanding of something tangible, the God of Creation, the Creator working through the tools of creation, forgiveness and love. This God was to save Mary either from the Roman administration should she have given away the secret about her defilement at the rape of a centurion, or from the zealots who would have stoned her. Mary's flash of understanding of this God conceived by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Idea, and brought forth into life as the Christ in Jesus to be taught and dedicated to bring this God forth into humanity, was as life changing to civilisation as any before or since.

As an idea, an invention, a product of the imagination - hey isn't that creation - this God of Creation - it is by no means artificial. As an act of Creation it creates and this act is real, not artificial.

It is, and those who have seen some drafts of my book iGod-Godj which is to be renamed something like "Cause and Effect, and the tool to achieve it" has an introduction about mathematics.

There is only one God, and God is One. So I look at the mathematics of one. It's so simple that no-one bothers to do it. But it is extraordinary that in both religion and physics we agree that

--- Quote ---Sometime, somewhere, nothing exploded and created everything
--- End quote ---

How did it create? The creator is the process by which everything was created, in just the same concept that DNA is both of the substance and of its own creation. I talked about this to a biologist on New Years Eve, and now alive to this dimension, he was aghast.

So when we look at the number one, we are told that we are made in the image of the Creator. An image of 1 is minus 1. So we have to look at the mathematics of -1.

Those mathematics involve something that we cannot do directly. They need help from an invention, a recognition, a figment of imagination, a Creation. . . . and this is by no means something artificial. It exists, a number called i or j and without it we would be unable to do many things, not least of which is the understanding of radio waves which bring us together through wireless radios, TVs, mobile phones . . .

All of these things exist because of something we have invented, Created, and looks not real. But no-one can deny the reality.

So no-one can deny the reality of God.

As I write, I have a problem of dealing with two potential suicides both caused by people without feelings, without putting God the Creator at the centre of their existence. One, remote, may not be within my power to redeem, but the other is rescuable by the strength of the Creator. A teenage girl came into my house last night near midnight and pleaded me to go to counsel her sister and mother.

All I could say was to start with asking them to envisage their origins being in paradise and then how to transfer the paradise of their minds into their actions and all those around them on earth - the Lord's Prayer. Standing in the middle of a wood we looked at the trees and I told them that whatever the wind, whatever the cold, whatever that which wants to destroy, nothing could destroy the Creator within that tree that caused it to grow.

God, the Creator, is in that tree, you and me, and in everything we know and we don't. Everything that is not of God has been destroyed long ago, because it has not grown, and all of God has overtaken it. This is the parable of the talents.

In the understanding of God and the Creator's ways, water was turned into wine of the most exquisite vintage, and by such understanding even people are transformed from the common water of understaning into the most vintage and precious of wine, thought to be too good to be let loose among the masses at the wedding - and yet Christ, the spirit of God, the Father of God, the Three In One, transformed the wedding as knowledge and understanding of God transforms humanity.

Best wishes

David P

This amounts to a "concert review" of sorts I composed elsewhere and re-posted here as it addresses issues under discussion there as well as what is being discussed above. Thus it is written in a style more appropriate to a "general audience" and not specific to "organ enthusiasts" ??? ;)

Please refer to the following for background...

Well I finally "dunnit"... I think... I traveled to the "big city" to appear within the confines of a concert hall to "see what all the fuss was about"... I then proceeded to collect my thoughts in a post on the forum mentioned above only to make a keystroke entry mistake and see all my hard work vanish before my eyes. As this forum provides a unique facility which prevents that I thought I would have a go and see what I could knock together... As I was writing this my internet connection failed (something the ISP I am utilizing currently is NOT known for, unlike my previous service for which connection terminations were all-too-common.) and the "auto save draft" facility saved the bulk of what I have written. Yay!

Given that previous work ended the way it did I must conclude I was approaching my creative efforts from completely the wrong angle and thus this may prove in the end to be a blessing... I had begun and nearly completed what amounted to a "bog-standard concert review" typical of those which at some point no doubt will be written by so many others that it probably was no great loss in the end. Frustrating? Of course. But I couldn't sleep until I made that attempt at least. And this is after I had already been semi-conscious for at least 24 hours prior.

After "sleeping on it" I awoke and took a bit of time to think again about the "post-concert report" and what it really should contain, and rather than taking the experience, freezing it, then slicing it into microscopic sheets and studying every molecule under a microscope I decided that a larger perspective would prove far more useful than trying to appear in "print" as some sort of "self-proclaimed music critic"... as much fun as that would have been, it would not convey the serious importance that placing this performance into a much larger perspective would serve.

More specifically the performance given by Cameron Carpenter in Benaroya Hall upon the pipe organ installed there. This event is significant as this is Cameron's first appearance in Seattle, playing at any venue.

For those asking "Cameron, Who???" a bit of research on the WWW and watching some of his Youtube videos will give you some idea about who (and/or what) I am talking about.

Unlike the majority of presentations of music performed on pipe organs which I have attended (and this would INCLUDE church services and a visit to Pizza and Pipes when I was a kid) this one was very well attended, despite the fact that hours before the event there were still a bit over a hundred tickets yet to be sold. My guess is many made the decision "at the last minute" to actually make the journey and plunk down their hard-earned FRNs ;)

With that out of the way one must understand that analyzing the nature of the controversy surrounding this performer is not unlike that surrounding our current president. There are parallels to how the MSM and its controlled opposition view both subjects. Metaphorically, many of the same arguments exist in both cases under consideration here.

Consider for a second Nobel prizes and Grammy nominations... "Savior and Antichrist" come to mind also...

(Warning--At this time if you haven't already, don your tinfoil hat;)

If ever there was an experience which demonstrated that Music in our current culture is being weaponized, the concert I attended would serve as an excellent example.

To make any sense out of that last statement one must consider the role of the creative arts in general and music in particular within civilized society, and this activity throughout the arc of history, the present, and into the future.

Another thought to consider in this vein is the statement "whoever controls the past controls the future"... If one recognizes that everything in the present is built on the foundations of the past and that the present is the foundation of the future then it becomes apparent that literally the future is being created today...

Then one needs to consider the role of the composer and the relationship that a musician has with the composer, and the relationship that a musician has with the audience. Ultimately the composer has a relationship with the audience but through the work of the musician. (

Put it all together and one realizes the true power music has to shape civilized society.

I recognize these are general observations, and one could add to these the use of 440hz as the frequency standard for "middle A" and "equal temperament". A whole book could be written on how that statement has altered the "fabric of society"... It certainly has altered the construction of pipe organs throughout history. And the history of the pipe organ is a long one, beginning shortly after the time of Christ, the first examples fashioned by ancient Greeks...

But is that history about to end? There have been disturbing trends observed by myself and others as well and thus a search for an explanation as to "why"... ( Does the answer lie somewhere in the location of "cultural decline"... or is it "economic decline?" ( or that they are related ( and that the "state of the pipe organ" has become a symbol of both?

Enter Cameron Carpenter-- a musician who some feel has the "power" to "save" the pipe organ by making it "popular" in "todays culture", but after attending the concert keeping all I have presented so far in mind, I tried to keep an "open mind" but his presentation of the material for which I had some familiarity was presented in a manner inconsistent from what I felt the original composer had in mind... I am probably being extremely generous with the word "inconsistent"... To the point I had to consider his motivation for taking such "dramatic license" with the composed works he presented. I am certainly not alone in this assessment, there are a fair few critics who have made similar observations. Applying "shock and awe" to music which you compose or improvise yourself is one thing, but what Cameron engaged in was just slightly short of "murder for sport" in this regard. So one has to carefully consider what his motivations are... It is claimed he is the highest-paid organist on the planet right now... moreover he professes unabashedly his atheism, and slightly less loudly his homosexuality. Given what some of us know about the "music industry" right now this is no surprise. Does this affect his ability to render music which for the most part was written by "church musicians" for a "church instrument" in many cases, and do so "in a manner consistent with its labeling? In a statement to the audience during the concert he actually directly addressed this issue after a deviation from the program to play something by Olivier Messaien... For those unfamiliar, Olivier Messaien is what most people consider an "avant-garde" composer to begin with, so in that case with the exception of a few in the audience who may be familiar with Messaien's work Cameron could "slice, dice, and serve" and the rest of us would simply be guessing at the composer's intention given the nature of the rest of the program. Needless to say this was NOT well received by most of the audience! Otherwise the "Shock and Awe" was for the most part "shocking and awesome" so was great as "mere entertainment".

What "saved his butt" in terms of artistry consistent with his virtuosity for the evening was his improvisations... His first was as he described it a "musical expression of his first visit to Seattle"... followed by three more if you include the encore... and these made the whole "show" worth the price of admission...

All that being said Cameron has never claimed to be the "savior" of the pipe organ, his preference for a custom-built electronic substitute (his "dream organ", which he announced at the beginning of the concert had just landed in Frankfurt) is a case-in-point.

My conclusion in this stage of my thought process is that Cameron Carpenter no doubt has some usefulness in raising public awareness by serving as a "bad example"... What I would like to see is for one (or thousands) of Cameron's contemporaries (or someone even younger) with similar "skill" but who is willing to take similar "risks" and at the same time able to properly convey the musical intention of works composed by others become well enough known to actually serve the purpose of furthering the cause of Mankind in that manner and thus ensure the survival of both "the ultimate musical machine"... and Mankind...

(You may now safely remove, if present, your tinfoil hat) ;)



The problem with this sort of "look at how well I can play" concerts is that they can all too easily alienate people - as hapened with my wife at the first recital we went to together (on our honeymoon).  It's taken over 40 years to get her to even try another recital!

Every Blessing


This "show" didn't qualify as a "recital" until the end of the program :(  Oddly enough I spotted Mel Butler, the Canon Musician and principal organist of Saint Mark's Cathedral in the lobby before the event... An organist I (now) have far more respect for musically.  It would be intriguing to "read his mind" during and after this event... Would he have felt "intimidated"???  Behind me sat an organist who actually had practice time on this instrument, rehearsing music which will accompany a new choir organization recently established... but I hadn't had the chance to query him afterwards... Few people lingered afterward, it seemed like a 'slow stampede' for the exits afterward... It was getting late, I was using "foot transport" within Seattle proper and although I did wander the lobby afterward to see if I could spot anyone I might have met beforehand but like I said there seemed to be an effort upon many to set out for the journey home... As it turned out had I left the concert hall earlier I would have caught a much earlier ferry back across the Puget Sound home and had to settle for the "last boat", leaving some two hours later. ....



--- Quote ---STEGER: Another key factor, and you've raised this before, Lyn, is, at the same time as(Bertrand) Russell, you had the death of Brahms. But the problem that people think of with music, is they think: "Oh, that's unfortunate, Brahms died, we didn't have a continued legacy." But this fight around music has also been of the highest political nature. I mean, if you take the example of what Bach introduced, following Leibniz's death, they had this Newton operation, they tried to mathematize the calculus, right after Leibniz died, a kind of Bertrand Russell operation. But what Bach introduced, for the next few decades, were some of the greatest creative breakthroughs in mankind, really began to transform as a political process, as a social process, exactly what you're saying, an ability to collaborate around ideas, to the advancement of mankind. And that kind of process is of a political nature, it's not just of "do we create good music, or do we have the trash we have today?" This was by intent, along with Russell, a destruction of a higher sense of music, of a higher sense of ideas.

And that's got to be part of what we unleash today, is this real Renaissance in human thought.
--- End quote ---

"Surgically removed from" As it is a large document I only copied over the point where their discussion turned to music  ;)  Reading through the whole of it one can see commonalities and this quote above is where these threads cross paths :D ;D ;)



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