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New Empress Ballroom Organ Updates


VERY productive day in Blackpool on the 26/11/13 working on the new Empress Ballroom organ. Heard the Tibia, Vox, saxaphone and Kinura (just in chords played from the tag boards) and they sound absolutely mouth watering down on the ballroom floor!

The console, stripped down, being delivered at Blackpool's Winter Gardens on Tuesday 17/12/13

Yesterday the console was moved to its final position in the Empress Ballroom and wiring it up to the relays will begin next week. It's amazing what can be achieved with no funding, the right attitude, and just team with a common goal!
Photographs and more on how the console was transported to its balcony position can be viewed by following the link https://www.facebook.com/TCCOC/posts/789003621150761?comment_id=789092121141911&offset=0&total_comments=16&notif_t=feed_comment


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