Author Topic: FOR SALE - W Doherty Reed Organ  (Read 4288 times)

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FOR SALE - W Doherty Reed Organ
« on: August 03, 2014, 05:46:32 PM »
We are looking to find a good home for a Doherty reed organ that we bought a few years ago for son when he was learning to play the organ.

It is a two manual and pedal American type reed organ of compass 61 notes to manuals and 30 notes to pedals. Fitted with external suction unit but retaining pedal feeders. Some of the stops to the manuals are divided treble and bass ends and there is one pedal stop. Swell couples to the Great, and also has an octave coupler, and the pedals couple the Great to the Pedals. The is an expression lever and a tutti lever to bring on all stops.

We can supply photographs on request. The instrument is 55 inches wide x 58 inches high x 45 inches deep over the pedal board.

Buyer would need to collect from near Croydon in Surrey.


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