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Shrinking the footprint

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David Pinnegar:
Shrinking the footprint is a major initiative launched by the Church of England.

"The present challenges of environment and economy, of human development and global poverty, can only be faced with extraordinary Christ-liberated courage."
The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby
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The shrinking our footprint initiative is a most important thing for the Church to have done. It is of particular interest as the human race faces extinction as a result of (a) war with each other - and in this the teaching of Jesus is a focus upon the solution, the breath of life, and (b) war with our planet - and understanding the work of the Process of Creation by which all is created, is the breath of life of our planet, again putting the church central to the solution. The Church truly is relevant to the survival of mankind on earth.

I am currently searching for people (perhaps a young person yet without a job who would be interested) with physics, engineering and or electronics expertise or even merely workshop experience, to carry out certain experiments. These are documented on and particularly
(a) Thanes' transformer, capable of wholly transforming our electrical systems and understanding of electromagnetism
(b) Resonant electrolysis of water, leading to water powered engines. I have met two people who told me that they run their car on water, no fuel, and another who studied the phenonomen at university finding that it works, but who was not allowed to take it further as being against the interests of the funding of the university.

The only power powerful enough to bypass the oil companies, is the body of people who worship life, that which gives life, the breath of life, the process by which all is created, the Creator.

Conventionally, I have been installing significant solar power both conventional grid power, and off grid battery banks, trying every type of technology I can get my hands on and in relation to the battery bank, and installing solar panels on buildings where otherwise they would be unacceptable on a Grade 1 listed building.

I would be happy to host a tour of this work if anyone's interested. (In addition the house is open to the public on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons 2pm till end of September.)

Best wishes

David P

David Pinnegar:
No doubt people think me potty . . . but when one looks at a transformer not of the conventional type where the electrical and magnetic circuits are symmetrical

and obviously power in=power out can anyone  predict what's going to happen with a transformer of this geometry

or this

with magnetic circuits as shown:

Can anyone tell me what's likely to be the result of


Best wishes

David P


That's a bit beyond me David - but wouldn't the relative phase of the windings have an effect?

I remember in my apprentice days having a unit to test and finding no PSU output because someone had wired one of the twin primaries (series for 240v, parallel for 100v) in reverse phase to the other, causing cancellation and no output.

Every Blessing


David Pinnegar:
The principle comes from which is worth the read . . .

Best wishes

David P

Not reading the document, I am guessing a magnetic rectifier?  In working with VHF through microwave stuff, there's a bit of magic called a ferrite isolator or circulator, depending on its configuration and application,  in its VHF form consists of a toroid with three parallel resonant L-C circuits, with the inductor portion wound on the toroid, arranged roughly 120 degrees apart around the toroid, which is biased in a permanent magnetic field. RF will move from one circuit to the next, and if not entirely absorbed by the next, flow to the third circuit... and if the energy is absorbed there, will not travel to the originating port. At microwave, the ferrite takes the form of a wedge mounted in a waveguide tee junction and does essentially the same thing...

 Too often scientists and engineers get all wrapped up in HOW it works rather than THAT it works...  Dowsing is an intriguing phenomenon in that regard...



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