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Last night's "Late Junction" on BBC Radio 3 included a collaboration session including pipe organ (Westminster Cathedral (Roman Catholic) and "found sounds" - I guess some of it like musique concrete.  Interesting in its way.  (But not for traditionalists!) is the link to the podcast.  The show itself is available via and included some solo tracks by Martin Baker from the Cathedral (recorded for the show) and other Christmas music of several varieites, including some jazz organ.

Every Blessing


David Pinnegar:
I heard a repeat of this. It was captivating and well worth the listen

Best wishes and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

David P

Happy new year to you too David.

David Pinnegar:

I'm wondering if
(a) facebook groupings have killed off forums
(b) it's just this forum which appears to be close to rigor mortis
(c) interest in organs is passing away as the church ceases to be relevant to the mainstream . . .


Best wishes

David P

David Drinkell:
You could be right about Facebook. I'm not on it, but my wife keeps coming up with various bits of information.


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