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Easter thoughts, support for others and the sea of circumstances

Started by David Pinnegar, April 04, 2015, 12:09:25 PM

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David Pinnegar


I have not written here for a long time thinking that controversial thoughts were driving people away. But people seem to have gone away from organs for lack of interest and clearly organs and all about them is not appreciated as being of relevance to people any more.

Somewhere else I read that it was difficult to find groups of kind people who gave support to others . . .

We are all linked by decisions, and matter (including us) exists where two decisions meet. We are all boats on an invisible sea of circumstances composed of the links of decisions. This invisible interconnectedness of cause and consequence, result, is all powerful, invisible, and everywhere. Societies wanting to farm humans as animals serving temporary political or pecuniary empires often think they can kill the idea but it will always rise again, because it is fundamental.

This is why Easter is so fundamental. Jesus represented the Creator on earth, that force of Creation by which all comes into being, is here, that love that makes matter cooperate at every level to provide support and substance for all other matter and the creation of new matter in combination.

What does not love, what does not cooperate, does not produce, create, and therefore ceases to exist, so that nothing that is here that exists exists as a result of anything else but the love, cooperation that enabled it to come into being. The stuff that doesn't love, hasn't cooperated, isn't here. We are made of the stuff that is cooperation, love, but forget what we are made of. When we understand of what we are made, then we operate in its image, as its sons and daughters.

Many people exist only seeing the boats, but not the sea that supports and drives them. They see the people but not the decisions, that in multiplicity amount to circumstances, that put them there.

People who understand measure the depth of the sea so as to avoid rocks, they observe the currents in the sea and they put up their sails to the wind. Without effort the currents of the sea and the wind can take you to hit the rocks but knowing how to navigate helps you equally without effort to seek refuge with other boats on the sea. Many people see a lighthouse and simply think they are safest to get out their own oars and row very fast towards it - and some make it safely whilst others hit the rocks of which the lighthouse signs.

So the point is that if one travels life unknowing, one ventures into water which may be benign or it may contain sharks.

Instead I recommend people to swim in the waters of kind people.

There are many enlightened people here who understand, because those who understand the benefit that the harmony of sound can bring understand a lot more. But there are other places too where higher densities of kind people congregate in the real world and focus upon the perils and dangers of the night (darkness, unknowing) and give thoughts to those in peril on the sea.

By seeking out congregations of warm people who swim in kind waters it's possible to see the world as a better place, and even to bring that betterness into result.

With warm wishes for a Happy Easter,

David P


Thank you David, and a very happy Easter to you also.

There may be times when the board seems quiet, and times when a particular topic provokes discussion, but that seems to be true of other organ forums as well. Nevertheless I suspect there are others like myself who read it with interest regularly even though they are not organists themselves and therefore do not post very often.

Best wishes,


Barrie Davis



Without Easter - i.e. Jesus' resurrection - there is no Christian faith.  That's why Easter is so important.

Happy Easter to all board members.

Every Blessing


David Pinnegar

Quote from: revtonynewnham on April 05, 2015, 09:30:20 AM
Without Easter - i.e. Jesus' resurrection - there is no Christian faith.  That's why Easter is so important.

Happy Easter to all board members.

Yes - in whatever form of interpretation one likes or wants to understand it, it's true.

The reason for my post yesterday was hinting to people who might not come to church that perhaps it's a good place to come. I write a lot in an area where mention of religion is prohibited, but where there are a lot of people who need and welcome support, often alone or having less self confidence than others, and to them an encouragement to find congregations of kind people might just jerk a subconscious response that places with organs might be where to start looking. Weaving phrases into one's text it's possible to evoke subconscious memories even in places where religion is prohibited. To all of us perhaps it's a challenge worthy of effort and I try to find the meaning in our texts that is such rational common sense that people who have never thought of God before, and misled by the idea of a Creator who makes the earth in six days, can look at the body of God in the Church anew.

Not only in Hebrew did words have up to five meanings but in Mediaeval times people were trained to seek five meanings from all texts. This ensures that the wisdom that we celebrate today and its good news can relate to all in all and whatever forms.

Happy Easter!

David P


Well, our daughter - who doesn't go to church regularly, I'm sorry to say - came with us yesterday to the Easter Sunday service and turned pages for me in the Final of Vierne's 1st Symph., so you could say she had two experiences for the price of one!
Happy Easter,
Nicolette Fraser, B. Mus., ARCO