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How do you translate "Orgelbewegung" into French???


C. B. Fisk Opus 140...

Plymouth Congregational Church

Seattle Washington...

"First Sounds"  tonight on "The Organ Loft"... Dedication this  November... Voicing in progress......

Tonally, this is going to be a very french instrument, primarily "romantic" in the style of Caville-Coll, however with significant elements in the spirit of Dom Bedos and  Cliquot :o 8) 8) 8) 8) ;D ;D ;D to reserve a seat for the 3 May 2015 reopening ceremony... as the "worship space" has undergone a major renovation (removing carpet, adding tile, swapping the pews for chairs, reinforcing the walls and changing their shape to improve the acoustic to add reverberation time and add clarity to the spoken and sung voice ;)


Nearly 15 years after their organ was damaged, a Seattle church is one step closer to filling their sanctuary with music. Trucks pulled up in front of the Plymouth Congregational Church Sunday morning with the new organ.

Sr. Pastor Brigitta Remole says getting the new organ has been a labor of love and faith.

"It's a masterpiece," Remole said.

The new organ is made up of more than 3,400 pipes and weighs 16 tons. Church members lined 6th Avenue in downtown Seattle to unload all the pieces.

"It's a pipe raising, sort of like a barn raising," said Remole. The musical Goliath was brought across the country by trucks.

"I'm extremely excited about the organ in the sanctuary, it just gave me shivers" choir member Mari Mitchell Putnam said.

The church's last organ wasn't the same after the 2001 Nisqually quake. "It was damaged and the organ never quite recovered" Director of Music Doug Cleveland.

For years limited money left them with no other option but to use the damaged instrument until an anonymous donor stepped forward with nearly two and half million dollars. "This was like moving from Chevrolet to Maserati, in terms of an instrument" Remole said.

The new organ will be the only mechanical action French symphonic organ in the northwest. "It's just going to be phenomenal it's going to make singing in there glorious" Mitchell Putnam said.

Church leaders hope the beautiful melodies will help them reach beyond the walls and provide comfort to the entire area. "We're going to offer this to Seattle as a gift to the community" Remole said.


Inaugural Concert this coming November 15th... Mark your calendars  ;D ;D ;D ;D



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