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The harpsichord as organ and more . . .

Started by David Pinnegar, August 30, 2015, 12:53:27 PM

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David Pinnegar might be an interesting recital including Bach which might be played on the organ . . . and other modes of harpsichord sound including the peau de boeuf rank sounding very much like a hard, and a simple harpsichord one manual with split keyboard using the buff in the bass to contrast the tune singing against a lute in the bass, as one might register a single manual organ with spit keyboard at middle C.

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David P

David Pinnegar

It seems as though this thread is either the thread-killer or the forum killer.

Experience of these harpsichords has been interesting because one of them really demonstrates the harmonic content of the organ in some ways. A previous recital impressed me with the instrument at around 33 minutes and a friend of mine describes the sound of the K141 Scarlatti at around 8 minutes as almost orchestral.

These instruments are rather more than the sum of their parts. for the whole recital.

Best wishes

David P