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Concerning Energy, Faith and Science

Started by Paul Duffy, October 30, 2015, 02:35:07 PM

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Paul Duffy

Cold logic states that it is not possible to bring the dead back to life. On the eve of the great festival of Samhain it seems strangely appropriate to consider such matters.

We know that in the natural world, energy can do great things. It can power cities, locomotives, and computers such as the one I am typing on. It gives us light in the dark. It cooks our food. Without it, our lives would be terrible. I know from experience that the lack of physical energy makes life very difficult. One's life is blighted by it and one cannot really take a full, active part in life. One is relegated to observing from the sidelines. In that respect, Energy is God. Without energy, nothing moves: 'In Him (Energy) we live and move and have our being'.

In my opinion, energy is surely the stepping stone, or bridge, between faith and science. It could explain many things.

Energy could explain the idea of 'morphic resonance': Energy is powering this computer, but information is also being stored on it. Energy could explain the creation of worlds: Energy is powering this computer but I am creating 'virtual lands' and railways on it via an installed simulator. ( Sceptics please note, you still require physical energy to write information down on a piece of paper, or to create a 'miniature world' such as a model railway or a garden.)

But energy is so much more than just raw power and heat and light. I posit that energy has an intellect and a knowing. This comes from morphic resonance and something known as The Akashic Records. I also would suggest that energy is also compassion and love beyond human measure.

Do I believe Jesus was raised from the dead? Yes, I do. How? He was returned to life via the harnessing of energy.  Did He perform miracles? Yes, He did? How? He harnessed energy.

If there are dualities such as heat and cold, darkness and light, then as well as a natural world there must logically exist a supernatural one, which is energy.

So, on the eve of the great festival of Samhain, the festival of the dead, perhaps we should not be thinking about 'ghosts' and instead be thinking about energy. We are all bits of energy wearing an overcoat. It is just that ghosts don't require their overcoats anymore...

Best wishes,

David Pinnegar

What a lovely post and thoughts!

Energy is a key - and the ancient Nordics believed that all was made of fire and ice . . . . A book (from memory) called "The Wyrd sisters" is well worth a read.

Upon a visit to Bath, my wife and I went to a play currently on - "Haunting Julia" by Alan Ayckbourn and if it's produced near whereever you are, go to it! Within the predictable framework of some haunting manifestations - which to my wife's embarrassment I found amusing on account of expecting them - is a much deeper insight into love, understanding, misunderstanding, good intentions, debunking charades, family relations and unrecognised oppression - but an insight into a dimension beyond. There can be few plays where the playwright openly challenges the skeptic character "Do you believe in God?" and it pushes a boundary in the direction of restoring a balance in an atheist world.

Perhaps in consideration of Bath, its thermal waters and energy, a footnote about Fracking is appropriate within the subject. We're so addicted to fossil fuel energy that fracking is heralded as a saving solution to energy problems and being pushed through by government regardless.

It's rather interesting as the thermal water arises through fissures in the ground on faults from a depth of around 3 miles or so. The water has seeped there from the hills to be warmed up at that depth and rises through the fault. Apparently it takes around 8000 years to complete the process from rain falling on the hill to arise to our delight in the city.

People vouching for Fracking say that the operation of hydraulic fracturing to release hydrocarbons is safe because it's so deep . . . . around 3 to 5 miles . . . that the water poisoned with detergents and hydrochloric acid stays there for ever . . .

Even if faults don't exist, the purpose of fracking is to fracture the structure of the ground . . . and whilst it might not happen immediately, we're putting in place a timebomb to make areas of the ground uninhabitable with such poison arising in the future. Future generations will curse the so-called Christian era and wish that the spirit of Minerva Sulis had held sway, and respect and worship for the wonder of our planet.

Best wishes

David P