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Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby writes in the Financial Times


David Pinnegar:

Today Justin Welby writes in the Financial Times concluding:

--- Quote ---This requires honest and robust relationships between religious leaders, not platitudes, however well-intentioned. Such relationships involve encouraging each other actively to protect minorities and to challenge those who seek to exploit differences.

To go back to my friend in Pakistan, we must go beyond condemnation, and going beyond condemnation means that religious violence must be combated by those who lead religious traditions. For it is only in that way that Christians and indeed those of all religions will be safe to practise their faith.

--- End quote ---

There are two components to the solution:
1. Find the common denominators about the nature of The Creator that bring peoples together in understanding
2. Open the paths for peoples of different faiths to share worship together even in original faiths.

With regard to (1) I have written elsewhere on the forum, particularly to the dismay of Member Paul Duffy in this thread upon a unification of the concepts of the Creator and Evolution in parallel in Religion and Science and in a manner that Atheists can understand, and concluding that the only difference between the Deists and Atheists is whether the intelligence that creates is external or internal to the Cosmos - an idea capable of exploration to unite all religions and all who find nothing in separatist religion and
(2) the idea to change subtly in our Christian services to focus on what Jesus taught about God in one lesson and to draw on people of other faiths from their texts saying in spirit exactly what Jesus said. When we as Christians can do this and find that it even strengthens our faith, and helps us all the more to love one another, then other religions too will be encouraged to invite us in to help them in the same way.

Best wishes

David P

............and make sure to sing "The Church's (in the general sense) One Foundation is Jesus Christ Our Lord" -  with full organ!


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