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David Pinnegar:,-london,-circa-1790-,-the-case-ve-38-c-6674dc4942

A chamber organ, London, circa 1790 , the case veneered with mahogany with holly stringing, the upper section with a central oval panel with gilded display pipes flanked by two columns with further display pipes (3.19.3), the four and a half octave keyboard, GG/BB to f3 omitting BB flat, with ivory naturals and ebony accidentals, four stops with enamel caps controlling
stopped diapason 8ft. (bass),
stopped diapason 8ft. (treble formed of chimney flutes),
fifteenth 2ft. and
principal 4ft.,
with pedal-operated bellows, a further pedal to the left cancelling all stops except the stopped diapason,

height 224cm., width 115cm., depth 54cm.

Literature Dow, p. 8 Discography 1998 Bellows, Jacks & Tangents, Steven Devine, Finchcocks Press, track 5 Restoration history 2010 Dominic Gwynn

Current pitch A=435Hz.

£9000 + 28.8%,-english,-circa-1680-and-later-41-c-2e34800867

A chamber organ, English, circa 1680 and later , the case of oak with five panels of gilded display pipes above the keyboard (, the keyboard, compass four octaves, C to c3 with a short octave in the bass, with partridge wood naturals and ivory accidentals, 8ft. stopped diapason and 4ft. principal, with pedal-operated bellows,

height 167cm., width 98cm., depth 63cm.

Provenance Purchased from South Saxon Masonic Lodge, 1998 Literature Dow, p. 8 Burnett, p. 32 Restoration history 1998 Robin Jennings 2010 Dominic Gwynn (minor work)

Current pitch A=464Hz.

£9000 + 28.8%,-london,-1792-43-c-31947e6a3e

A chamber organ by John Avery, London, 1792 , the case veneered with mahogany with ebony stringing, the upper and central sections with panels of later pleated light red silk, the upper panel flanked by plain columns with engine-turned brass collars, a door on the right flank opening to reveal music shelves, the folding keyboard, compass four octaves and four notes, C to f3 omitting C sharp, with ivory naturals and ebony accidentals, three stops with ivory caps controlling diapason 8ft., principal 4ft. and fifteenth 2ft., one pedal operating the bellows, internally signed and dated John Avery 1792 ,

height 239cm., width 104cm., depth 55cm.

Provenance Sold to the previous (un-named) owner by the organ-builder J. P. Hall of Kendal.

Literature Wilson, p. 172 Dow, p. 10 Burnett, pp. 30, NPOR, ref. A00756 Discography 2001 From Two to Six, track 5, FPCD003 2004 Company of Pianos, track 8 Restoration history 2010 Dominic Gwynn

Current pitch A=425Hz.

£6000 + 28.8%,-london,-1-44-c-cb2444ba9d

A chamber organ by John Byfield junior, London, 1766 , the case of mahogany, the upper section with glazed doors enclosing four panels of display pipes (, the corners of each panel with applied carved limewood floral decoration, the keyboard, compass four octaves and eight notes, GG to e3 omitting GG sharp, with ivory naturals and ebony accidentals, the eight stops comprising
twelfth (bass),
stopped diapason 8ft. (bass),
twelfth (treble),
stopped diapason 8ft. (treble),
principal 4ft.,
open diapason 8ft. and
flute 4ft.,
pedal to cancel all stops except diapason and flute, with hand pump and electric blower, inscribed John Byfield in ink on a holly plaque above the keyboard, height 365.5cm., width 212cm., depth 116cm. Provenance This organ was built for Sir James Grant of Castle Grant (Morayshire). At the time its cost was said to be £250. The case was said to be designed by Mr. Adam . The organ was eventually moved to Cullen House, Banffshire. Richard Burnett acquired the organ during the sale of the contents of Cullen House by Christie s on 23rd September 1974.

Literature Christie s, 23rd Sept 1974 Wilson, pp. 127 & 128 Dow, p. 15 Grove, p. 440 NPOR, ref. N14781 Plumley, journal 3 Discography 1998 Bellows, Jacks & Tangents, Steven Devine, tracks 1, 2, & 3, Fincocks Press, FPCD002 N/d Five historic Organs, Calvert Johnson, Calcante CD035 2004 Company of Pianos, track 9 2006 Gibbon: Hymnes and songs of the church, Tonus Peregrinus and Anthony Pitts, Naxos 8.577681 2007 Handel Complete Organ Concertos, Deutsche Grammophon, Simon Preston with Trevor Pinnock and the English Concert, 3 discs

Restoration history 1864 Joseph Wishart, Aberdeen 1958 P. E. Chalmers, Aberdeen, for Rushworth & Dreaper 1976 Christopher Clarke, Christopher Nobbs and Martin Renshaw 2010 Dominic Gwynn (minor work)

Current pitch A=425Hz.

£20000 + 28.8%,-paris,-cir-39-c-f134a119d5

A harmonium by Alexandre Père et Fils, Paris, circa 1860 , the case of rosewood, with decorative brass handles, decorative mouldings, with two turned and gadrooned baluster legs to the front, the five octave keyboard, C to c4 , with ivory naturals and ebony accidentals, thirteen rosewood hand stops with white enamel caps inscribed F sourdine, 0 forté 3 et 4, 4 basson, 3 clairon, 2 bourdon, 1 percussion ou cor anglais, G grand jeu, E expression, 1 percussion ou flûte, 2 clarinette, 3 fifre, 4 obois, 0 forté 3 et 4, two bellows pedals, with sloping mahogany organ stool, inscribed on a rectangular plaque above the keyboard Alexandre Père et Fils, 39, Rue Meslay, 39 Paris , further inscribed on a brass plaque on the underside of the key-cover Exposition Universelle de 1855 Paris Médale d Honneur Alexandre et Fils, bearing the serial number 16732 on a paper label behind the stop batten,

height 96cm., width 122cm., depth 65cm.

Literature Dow, p. 7 Burnett, pp. 33, 34 & 221 Discography 2004 Company of Pianos, track 10

Current pitch A=445Hz.

£3200 + 28.8%,-french,-circa-1860-40-c-6e84cdd808

A miniature free-reed organ, French, circa 1860 , the case of rosewood with beaded mouldings, the four octave keyboard, F to f3, with ivory naturals and ebony accidentals, with two pedals operating the bellows, four ivory-knobbed hand stops controlling expression, tremulant , voix céleste and wind cut-off, on stand with four legs and stretchers simulating bamboo,

width 61cm., depth 62.5cm., case depth 22cm.

Literature Burnett, p. 34 Current pitch


£1100 + 28.8%,-london,-circa-18-49-c-1544fae903

A barrel organ by William Ayton, London, circa 1800 , the case veneered with mahogany, with a central oval panel of fifteen gold-painted display pipes, with floral carving above and spandrels below, compass seventeen notes d to b2 omitting f1 sharp, c2 sharp and f2 sharp, the bass octave with only d, g and a, six handstops controlling the diapason, principal, twelfth, fifteenth, drum and triangle, three barrels each with ten tunes, two of them in a cupboard below, one barrel including God Save the King , on four square legs, reeded to the front, with curved handle, on later trolley, signed William Ayton internally,

height 146cm., width 66cm., depth 44.5cm.

£2400 + 28.8%,-london,-c-52-c-cd147c996a

A barrel organ by Longman and Broderip, London, circa 1790 , the case veneered with mahogany with stained fruitwood and holly stringing, with a central oval panel of eleven display pipes, the compass of fifteen notes d to c3, diatonic except for f1 sharp, c2 sharp and f2 sharp, two ranks of pipes comprising diapason and principal, one barrel with ten tunes, with curved brass handle with ebony knob, on cabinet for a further barrel now absent, with four square legs, labelled inside the lid Directions for the Management of Longman and Broderip s Barrel Organs Manufactured and Sold wholesale and retail at No 26 Cheapside, and No 13 Hay Market ,

height 112.5cm., width 51cm., depth 32cm.

£1200 + 28.8%

David Drinkell:
I hope all the instruments will be cherished.  The Byfield, in particular, was a cracker - a surprisingly big sounding organ for its size.  I remember an odd spelling - 'Diaphason'.


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