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taylors Organ

Started by Richard Warren, June 12, 2016, 10:53:35 PM

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Richard Warren

I have recently removed a S Taylor organ from a closed Methodist Chapel in Griffy Dam, Leicestershire.
The building is listed on NPOR but no details for the instrument.
the Organ is a small 2 manual with pedal.
Stop List as Follows

8' Violin Diapason
4' Violin Principal
8' Oboe (cc to g3)
8' Libelich Gedakt

8' open diapason
4' Principal
8' Dulciana
8' Rohr Flute
4' Flute


16' Subbass

The instrument was in very poor condition. The Mice and the Woodworm had a field day inside!
having dismantled the organ and brought it to sunny Staffordshire the restoration has begun.

I brought the instrument with the intention of enlarging it but retaining as much of the historical instrument as possible.
as far as I can gather the instrument was moved to Griffy Dam in 1938, but had previously been elsewhere.
upon dismantling I found written on the underside of the main frame the following inscription

"this organ was cleaned and rebuilt Sept 1891.
the signature is illegible (unfortunately)

It is my intention to enlarge the organ to the following specification


all the original plus

2' Fifteenth
2 2/3 Twelth
8' trumpet
2 Rank Mixture  19:22
8' Clarabella


all original plus

2' Piccolo
8' Cornopean
4' Flute
8' Salcional


16' Open Diapason
16' Bourdon
8' Bass Flute
16' Reed

the organ will still be tracker action and voiced on the same 3" pressure.

I have begun work on the new sound boards this week. the old ones had been eaten for the inside out to make a selection of nests for the resident mice. channels, spacers, leather and all.

the organ will reuse the original manuals, frame, quite a significant portion of the action and case work


David Drinkell

I've sent the details to NPOR.  Good luck with it - Taylors built fine organs and the material you have to work with should be first class.