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Response to events in France - The Creator is no part of religious wars


David Pinnegar:
The terrible tragedies which have happened in France are call for serious attention to be given to the sort of ideas I have been exploring in these pages.

Our theology needs to grow up.

Instead of saying "Teacher Teacher I love you so much so please do it for me" it's time to start to embrace trying to understand what Teacher was teaching about the Creator.

Whether it's Jesus, Mohammed or Moses, Buddha or Shiva . . . it's time to stop worshipping them and instead to worship the fundamental core that brings us all into existence. Not worship for the sake of worship but worship in understanding of the wonder that it is, operating it as being part of it ourselves.

Our enemy is not the other religion, whatever it be. Our only enemy is ignorance. Ignorance to see ourselves and where we came from in the wider context.

We have to come to the texts as children - not as blind idiots - but as children unpreconditioned by the cloak of given knowledge.

Were I to ask the linguistic riddle requiring a common solution to the following four questions
"What created us?"
"What is invisible?"
"What is everywhere?"
"What is all powerful?"
without the preconditioning of a three letter word . . .

Then what might the answer be?

"A person" is no more comprehending an answer -indeed it's too easy- than when I was six watching the news on television wondering how there could be a man in the back of the television set.

But we can be forgiven for saying a person initially, as the whatever it is that solves each of those four questions _behaves_as_a_person. That is different to being a person.

The answer may well be something inside the universe, common to all within the universe, rather than being a person outside the universe. This is the principle understood by the ancient Egyptians coming down to us through Hermes Tremegistus as the self fertilisation of the cosmos, and likewise the cosmos itself being the mind of God. This is symbolised in our Christian story in the self fertilisation of Mary by the holy idea of the whatever it is that created us.

So what can we do in practical terms?

In our services try to defocus on worship of our teacher and _who_ he is, what we would like him to be, and focussing instead on what he represents and what he taught about God the Creator. We have to reach out to those who want to do likewise and in our second lesson we might invite in someone from another faith reading from their texts in which their teacher says the same things as our teacher about the Creator. Together we can create in this way, in the image of the Creator, operating the work of the Creator.

"Who are my mother and my brothers . . . ?" says the Son of the Creator.

In a world of destruction it's now time for us to Create, to operate the process of the Creator itself and to be the person of the Creator in our turn as His Daughters and Sons.

Creation happens when matter, and people alike - and that's the point of Jesus' understanding and teaching - come together to be together more useful than individuals themselves, becoming together a quantum leap away from the utility of the individual and the ego.

Rebirth happens when we put to death the instinctive reaction, the animal mind, and instead embrace consciousness of the Creator, the process of Creation, do it and become it.

To do so we have to put aside the ego of the atom and become with other atoms one in the the commonality of molecule behaving distinctly differently from the atoms and more usefully as building blocks themselves.

We have to do so as people, and as organisations ourselves. Our religions have to put aside their egos and become one in God the Creator.

Best wishes

David P


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