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About God
« on: August 30, 2016, 07:11:00 AM »

It's a pleasure to write and I hope that what I write about God being a process rather than a person is helpful. It is a process that leads to an intelligence, and thus in which we recognise a person. But it is more than a person.

God is the Creator

This is an abstract understanding.

Whatever the Creator is, it creates, is invisible, all powerful and everywhere. That's all we know about God.

Everything is created.

The process is from fundamental particles to proteins, DNA, species, people, interactions of people. We are made of the stuff that has come about because of the process. We are made in its image but we forget what we're made of. Our interactions can obey the process and then we echo the process and become sons and daughters of the process. Jesus said it - "Who are my Mother and my Brothers?" (or Sister and Brothers) - Those who hear my Father's words and do it. This is in four of the five Gospels. I count Thomas among them. Thomas is very difficult and I cannot understand it. But it gives us wisdom. It's the clue to the esoteric understanding of this abstraction which is God.

The holy spirit is of course the idea in the nature of the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law.

We act in the image of the process when we understand the creator and take upon ourselves the work of that creator idea. Then having looked in the glass darkly we see face to face. We take upon ourselves the creator consciousness rather than the instinctive consciousness.

In this understanding we can create more.

For many religion is at the level of the schoolboy. "Master Master I love you so much and I know that you love me so much. So I know that I can rely on you if I ask you. Master Master please can you do my homework for me?"

And so by worship of Master rather than understanding what Master is telling us we have our heroes which we venerate, call by name and then create fights in the playground. This is the problem with both Christianity and Islam.

The doll is so interesting as it accesses our image. It does not move unless in the image of our actions.

I have just written to a lady grieving for her son.

The Big Daddy in the sky hasn't done her homework that she's asked Him to do.

Hi run to Jamaica to hide away from my pain, and all I find is the people being as painful and horrible as death.
Death is selfish, death is unkind.death care for no one.
To date I think I would be healing, but this pain I am feeling now is as raw as the pain I felt then.
I kept asking myself will this pain ever will go away, that question is like a song playing over and over in my head.
Will I ever find my happy place ! Is there a happy place? How can you find happiness amongst all this pain.
as a person who did counselling I thought maybe it will help, today I know nothing helps.
Talking about your pain sud it for a while, so what really helps?
Going to sleep I wake up crying.
I walk around  shouting for help, but then I relize no one can hear me as it's only in my head.
Today my pain felt as new as yesterday.
Does this issue of death ever solve ???????
Believe me I am trying to move on but my pain won't allow  me?
I am asking you these questions because, I want to know how was it for you?

I'm so distressed to feel your pain.

The answer can only be in the God of Life, for whom there is no death and to which death is irrelevant. Death does not create. It is of no concern to the Creator.

You recall His name? Yahweh?

Revered, unsaid, sacred, hallowed is His name. Because saying the Name you destroy it.

What is it?

Find a quiet place.

Imagine you've died. Imagine you've been resuscitated from the dead. Draw in that breath. Exhale it. You will hear the sound. Sacred is that sound, the Breath of Life.

It is the breath of life to your body. But in understanding it is the breath of life to your soul, your mind. Upon that new first breath you are reborn.

Love from all and from the living,

- - - - -

Hermes Tremegistus referred to the cosmos as being the mind of God and also self fertilising.

This is contained in our nativity narrative. The Virgin Mary and the flight to Egypt - which is an indication of source - not of Jesus physical infancy but from where his start was. This was why 18th century elite searched Egypt for the Coptic texts.

The intelligence of the created stuff in the universe displays an intelligence. This is the mind of God. All is connected and interrelated.

Three quarks come together to make a proton. Because they make a proton the protons can tame electrons to make an atom. At every level stuff that is less useful works together to make something more useful than the component bits alone.

That's the process.

If it can happen, it will happen, and what results depends on how much it creates. Parable of talents. Parable of sower. Quantum physics.

When we operate it in our relationships between people and between us and all created things, then we too create.

The result is that the only difference between me and the simpler personified view is whether the intelligence which we call God is internal and self fertilising to the universe or whether it is external.

In recognition of the internal we encompass quantum physics, statistical mechanics, chemical engineering and competitive biological processes, Buddhism, the Mosaic understandings, the component parts of Hindu, and we start to be able to create understanding and peace between all. Then we operate the process and act in its echo.

If you're interested I've written a lot on

The Lord's prayer is key to the creation of Heaven in Earth - in our Earthly activity. Heaven is not the place in the sky other than the place where subatomic reactions operating the process create stars and planets, thus Sun worship as the Son, nor is it the place we go when we are bones in the ground. It's paradise where we came from which we know in our minds. We bring that place, that process, as our will and our kingdom on earth.

I wrote about the waters breaking. We wander the desert for forty years fed by god food dripping from heaven. You find it best in early morning dreams. After forty years fed by creator food you end up in the land of milk and honey. It's not a place in earth from which to evict others from their land and their homes.

Best wishes

David P
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