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« on: October 06, 2016, 06:11:26 PM »
Apologies if I duplicate those suggested elsewhere.

Buckfast St Mary's Abbey Church

Its a shame, but as many here will already know, the large Walker-Downes instrument is no more.
I loved playing it, and it could sound very beautiful in the wonderful acoustic of the Abbey Church

The good news is that the current electronic is temporary, and two new substantial 4 manual and pedal pipe organs are on order from Italian firm Ruffatti.

This is a big scheme with big budget,  and consists of a large Quire Organ in cases behind the north and south Quire Stalls, and an enclosed division in the north triforia.

At the west end there will be a smaller instrument will be a big nod to Cavaillé-Coll with a Bombarde division - and with its own 4 manual console.
The Quire Organ is to have a mobile 4 manual console. I imagine that the mobile console will have simultaneous control of both instruments, at least in part.

And for anyone up to a challenge: city of Plymouth !

Plymouth Minster The Civic and Parish Church of St Andrew:

A large (did I say large?) R&D instrument from 1957.

Organ divided in North & South transepts in architectural cases:
Swell, Great, Pedal open flues, independent reeds in North Transept;
Choir, Solo and Pedal stopped flues in South Transepts. There is some borrowing and extension, giving a total of 77 registers.

A recently departed chum of mine was holidaying here with me and giving a recital on this and Exeter Cathedral, just two years before his sudden death.
Asked his opinion of the Plymouth job, he looked me in the eye and said with a grin "it can sound very nice".
"I enjoyed playing it" he added. Ever careful, ever the diplomatic.
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