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Peter Collins Chamber/House /Practice organ for sale


A dramatic change in personal circumstances force the sale of my pride and joy house organ.
I have listed it on Ebay and had a number of 'tyre kickers'.  T break even , I am looking for 5k, for which you will have a going concern, and will not heed to pay for an organ builder to dismantle in order to remove.

It was originally made in 1974, and Peter Collins altered the mixture in 1998.
 The dimensions are:
6' (just under) wide for main structure
27" deep
15" projection of keyboard
6'5.5" tall

Beautiful soft tone on flues, and lovely tracker touch.

Discus blower to side - it just pushes up, and concave radiating pedals, permanently coupled

With the keyboard removed it will go through a standard house internal door.
Removal of keyboard just requires the  removal of a single button for each note. All metal pipes are tin and the 8' flute has solid oak basses ( in towers to side).
Sitting to the rear, as it were, you do not get pipework blasting in your face from every direction, and it is a joy to play.

16' Dulzian to pedals
8' Rohr Flute
4' principal
2' gemshorn split
iii rank mixture (split)
The previous owner had the mixture re modelled as a cornet thing. I had intended to get it revoiced......

It is on castors, so will move around a room with ease. For removal, you will need a big plank, a piano trolley and a Renault low loader.

I moved it will all pipes attached with no issues. Viewing at Ross-on-Wye, Southern end of M50

Viewing welcome by arrangement. Collins made several similar organs, illustrated in the Classical Organ in Britain....books.

A rather lovely instrument for the price of a  dreadful new Asian piano or electronic
job of no great distinction........or indeed a fraction af the cost of a builder having to dismanthe and re-assemble!

O that I could - it would go well in a church I dep in but they have no money - I play for free.


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