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Non-midi 13-note pedalboard Urgently wanted


Peter Field:
Hi, all. I have been committed into a private recital using my small portable Wersi Abacus CD45. it's old, but a brilliant little tool for hauling around - it's so robust. Audiences find the sound acceptable, obviously not pipe quality, but quite pleasant. This recital is in a few weeks time, but I am desperate, as the plastic switch holders on the pedalboard have become very brittle with age, and have turned the pedalboard into one that is virtually now beyond repair. Spares are impossible, so .......

does anyone know the whereabouts of a 13-note NON-MIDI pedalboard for sale? Because of the quirky nature of the Wersi, a Midi system will not work. As long as the board has viable switches, then I will re-wire it to suit the Wersi.

But, as I say, I am absolutely desperate. Any and all help will be much appreciated.

With thanks in advance,


David Pinnegar:
If you're within striking distance of the south east I was given two electronic analogue instruments with such pedalboards and which I need to eject from my barn as rapidly as possible

Best wishes

David P

a longer term solution might be to try to fit magnets and reed switches to the existing pedalboard.
certainly I would hope these would last longer than some mechanical switches.
regards Peter B


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