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Content 3 manual digital church organ
« on: February 03, 2017, 03:02:53 PM »
Hi there

The above is my wonderful practise instrument.  I really love it, it's not amazing but it's great for practise and has so many useful features such as a complete set of toe studs, thumb pistons and 32 RC pedalboard.  However, I'm wondering if anyone can offer any advice for some things I'd like to change/repair. 

Firstly, the keys seem really springy (a little too much so), and way too sensitive - simply resting the hands on the keys is enough to make some of the notes sound which is very annoying especially when playing big chords legato - all the notes in between the movement sound aloud accidentally!! Can a technician firm these keyboards up again so they are reliable and firm, and so that the notes sound correctly and not when unwanted? This is probably the main issue- everything that follows this I can live with!!  The next thing is the expression pedals - content tell me that these plastic-cheap-no resistance pedals can be replaced for wooden ones with more resistance so therefore greater control of the crescendos etc, but that there are cables and so on which might need changing (they did say only an experienced organ tech should do this for me).  Is this something which can be done easily then?

Any thoughts/concerns etc would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks

Ps - I have the option of selling this organ and buying a Rodgers i577 - a smaller 2 manual.  The only beneficial differences are that is it a drawstop digital organ and much newer than the content, so everything is working very well (i.e. As is out of the factory) and the sounds are fab, also the pedalboard is that bit more standard in the length of the keys - the contents pedals are a bit shorter in length meaning I have to adjust the bench a bit more ham usual or else my feet keep hitting the back end of the pedalboard! Again any thoughts welcome!


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