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An interesting afternoon
« on: April 03, 2017, 09:41:14 AM »

On Saturday afternoon I was able to get to a local "roadshow" arranged by Church Orgaan World (Johannus, Makin & Copeman-Hart, plus UK importer of Rogers organs).  It was very interesting to see and play a small range of instruments that they now sell - plus there was a large selection of CD's, DVD,s and sheet music to browse and buy - should have leeft my wallet at home!!!).

The venue was a church in Kenilworth that has recently been reordered nd Makin have installed a 3 manual organ with speakers (switable) at both West & East ends.  There was also a smaller Makin organ, plus an example of their custom built continuo organs, and the latest project  - the iLive, that has stop knobs that change wording when different sample sets are loaded!  In addition, there was a Johannus instrument designged for home practice, and a 3m Rogers.

It would be unfair for me to make anything othert than generalised comments on the instruments on the basis of a few minutes listening & playing in less than quiet circumstances!  Suffice to say I was quite impressed by the tonality of the budget Johannus - but then, it's been a couple of decades since I've played one of that brand.  Mixed feelings about the Makins (I didn't ry the iLive, but heard it a few times), and the Rogers is typically American - and fine for what it is.  All in all, an interesting expidition, and recommended if one comes to your area.

I should perhaps add that I'm more than happy with my current home organ, so I wasn't in organ purchase mode!

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