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David Wyld:
I wonder if any member of the forum is able to provide details of any organ built by the Norman & Beard firm, during any period of its existence,  in which an independent Tierce (17th) appears on the Great,  or which was supposed to have had one listed in the original specification but subsequently not included?

I ask as I have just seen advertising material announcing that the grand old 1909 N&B Ashton Hall organ of Lancaster Town Hall has had a 17th added to the Great (apparently on a direct-electric chest high above the other Great pipework and rather haughtily referred to as "a mounted 17th"!) and which was supposed to have been originally intended but subsequently omitted.


That sounds rather unusual to say the least.

Didn't some Norman and Beard organs include mixtures with similar compositions to the "Harmonics" mixtures of Harrison organs?

David Pinnegar:
A friend tells me:

--- Quote ---They used to have a small workshop in Lewes and I frequently visited them. It was they who assisted greatly in the rebuilding of the 2 manual pipe organ in All Saints, Friars Walk, Lewes which I master-minded. What more can I say?
I knew at least 2 of their work-force quite well (all those years ago) and Trevor Reed (01273 phone number given if helpful) springs to mind - but whether he's still in the game or even still alive I don't know.
--- End quote ---

Best wishes

David P


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