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CONN 580 Theatrette II 3-Manual Organ WANTED User Manual And Schematic


Kernel Kip:
Good day Organ Matters members. I am pleased to find a site dedicated to the organ, and I look forward to being a long-time member. I have just picked up a Conn 580 Theatrette II 3-Manual organ in very good shape cosmetically as well as in good shape musically. There are some minor voice issues that prevent this organ from being considered an all around very good classification. I've read about cleaning the contacts and such, and cleaning it out in general, and will endeavour to do that over the next few weeks. Some keys are misaligned, but not bad for a probably 40 year old organ. Is there anyone out there with a user manual for this organ? And/or does anyone have an electronics schematic? Either or both of these would be extremely helpful in my quest to bring this beauty back to its former glory. I will gladly pay for all copying, materials, handling and mailing in that regard. Many thanks for this great organ site. Sincerely. Kip Lyon, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


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