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Wurlitzer Organ in Godalming Regal cinema?


Ian van Deurne:
Hiya everyone!

I've just heard that the Regal cinema in Godalming, built in 1935 was equipped with a Wurlitzer organ when it was first built. Does anyone know if this is true, or just wishful thinking?  I can remember this building when I was very young but I would never have thought this could be true, for at the time the town must have been far too small for such an expensive instrument to have beinancially viable.

With best been been s


There's nothing listed in David Junchen's comprehensive book about Wurlitzer for 1935, and I can't see anything mentioned in lists I have of Theatre Organs by various builders.   The Cinema Treasures website also fails to mention an organ.  I'll post the query on a theatre organ Facebook group and see what the real experts know.

Every Blessing



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