Author Topic: An organ transplanted to Australia  (Read 5577 times)

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An organ transplanted to Australia
« on: April 02, 2018, 10:13:57 AM »

I had quite a surprise yesterday morning, when this appeared on my You Tube subscriptions e-maila:-

The thumbnail (of the top of one of the pipe towers) immediately looked familiar, and when I saw the whole organ, I realised it was the c.1820 chamber organ in my  last church, Heaton Baptist in Bradford.  A much travelled instrument that wre think was built by a skilled amateur woodworker copying a much older instrument for some of the details.  When the church closed, we used the normal channels to advertise the availability of the organ, and received an enquiry from Australia, and eventually the organ was sold to them.  It was removed and packed by Willis', who had restored the organ the a few years earlier and had the care of it since. 

It's very pleasing to see and hear the results.  The organ  has been saved.

My You Tube channel has a few recordings of the instrument at Heaton - some pre-restoration.

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