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My house organ for sale
« on: September 15, 2018, 12:07:41 PM »
Sadly, I fear that downsizing is looming and I shall need to part with my beautiful Aeolian/Grant Degens & Rippin house organ as it won't fit into a modern property. I bought the organ seven years ago from a world-renowned Organist via this group. It consists of 5 ranks extended to provide full choruses on Great, Swell and Pedal. No reeds. Completely unenclosed. Discus blower. Can be arranged in many different formats to suit available space. The main windchest unit is about 7' long and the pipes fit under a normal ceiling. Very gently voiced for household use. Located in Somerset, near Taunton., England. Offers close to 2250 or will consider an exchange for a nice digital. Help with dismantling and moving possible.

This is an organ of, essentially, five ranks:
A - Principal 4ʼ (becomes 8ʼ with bass from B)
B - Stopped Flute 8
C - Dulciana 4ʼ (becomes * with bass from B - originally 16ʼ)
D - Tierce 1 3/5
E - Bourdon 16ʼ
Organ builders:-
Circa 1920 - Aeolian Orchestrelle Company
Circa 1948 - ? Davies of Northampton
Circa 1960 - Grant Degens (&Rippin)
Circa 1980 - Roger Taylor
1994 - Principal Pipe Organs
2010 - Principal Pipe Organs
2011 - Paul Derrett, Nigel Parkin & Philip Knighton
Manual l: 61 notes
Diapason 8ʼ A,B
Gedeckt 8ʼ B
Dulciana 8ʼ C,B
Principal 4ʼ A
Dulcette 4ʼ C
Twelth! 2 2/3ʼ C
Fifteenth 2ʼ C
Nineteenth 1 1/3ʼ C
Twentysecond 1ʼ C
Manual ll ! 61 notes
Gedeckt 8ʼ B
Dulciana 8ʼ C,B
Principal 4ʼ A
Flute 4ʼ B
Dulcette 4ʼ C
Nazard 2 2/3ʼ B
Piccolo 2ʼ B

Tierce 1 3/5ʼ D
Twentysecond 1ʼ C
Pedal: 30 notes
Contra Bass 16ʼ B,E
Flute! 8ʼ B
Dulciana 8ʼ C,B
Quint! 5 1/3ʼ C
Fifteenth 5ʼ A
Flute 4ʼ B
Dulcette 4ʼ C
Mixture 19:22 ll
There are stop tabs for two additional pedal stops which are no longer present:
Echo Bass 16ʼ - an electronic stop removed 1994
Contra Dulciana 16ʼ - removed 1994 due to lack of space
Double touch tab stop action. Three adjustable pistons to each manual (Setter board
below music desk).
The organ is unenclosed.

Email me for pictures or more information.


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