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Aeolian Orchestrelles for sale
« on: January 04, 2019, 06:56:45 AM »

In my role as the council member of the Reed Organ Society I sometimes get asked to circulate info on reed organs that are available.  Below is a list of Player Reed Organs - all from the Orchestrelle range built by the Aeolian company that are for sale via one of my contacts on behalf of various people.  Please contact direct if you're interested. His e-mail address is - please contact him direct if
interested in any of these player organs.

Aeolian Orchestrelles - can supply photos

These all play automatically from paper music rolls as well as from the keyboard.

131.  Model "Colonial" suction - Sussex  64 1/2" high x 72" wide x 27" deep    1,750 + plenty of rolls
                Was working 5 yrs ago when I last played it, all mechanics & pneumatics original

133.  Model W complete, not working, located Cambridgeshire 400  [same location 141]

138.  Model "Y" - complete mechanism, no case [kept by owner for his own caseless machine]
                        please ask for price. Located Notts    c.8 feet tall

139.  Model F two-manual c.8ft tall, all valves & pouches renewed c.2014 by previous owners but one.
        Including rolls, working perfectly  - located Sussex   c.8.ft 4 inches tall    7,450.00

140.  Francis the First Model [a W in a very ornate case] restored by current owner
        Located Cumbria England 2,995 with 30 rolls [more available by negotiation]

141.    Model XW a 116-note model. Very unusual ornate case.
        Not working now, but was 10 years ago. with 5/6 rolls only,
        but KM can supply more. Located Cambridgeshire  675  [same location 133]

Some of these instruments cost over 1,000 when new in 1900 - 1905.

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