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Makers of respected Pianoteq launch Organteq


David Pinnegar:
Pianoteq software has led computer synthesis of pianos for some time and is an incredibly valuable resource for research of sounds of different instruments, and importantly, tunings.

Modartt have now launched Organteq which promises to be hard competition for Hauptwerk . . . .



It's well worth trying and we're going to see advances apace.

Based on the philosophy of synthesis rather than replay of recorded sounds, the advantage of Modartt software is a low footprint on memory and processor resources. Their piano software https://www.modartt.com/pianoteq is demonstrably good even on basic laptop facilities and reasonably well brings the character of different nuances of pianos to the fore. When they refine and expand their sources beyond Cavaillé Colle, this software will be the go-to solution for easily configurable organs.

Best wishes

David P

Thanks for the link David.  I shall take a look later.  It's about time someone challenged Hauptwerk's domination of the paid-for organ simulation market.

The Physical modelling and real-time synthesis approach dates back to the researches of my good friends the late Dr Peter Comerford & Dr Lucy Comerford at Bradford University.  The system has been used at various times over the years by certain digital organ builders.  Copeman-Hart used a broadly similar real-time synthesis approach (not sure what they do now Makin have taken them over)  More recently, Viscount Organs have introduced a system using physical modelling.  I was very impressed by the demo I had at Promenade Music when they launched the range, and a few years later a small inheritance made it possible for me to purchase an example as my home practice instrument.  To my ears, it sounds better than any other recent digital organ - even after 4 or so years of ownership.

Every Blessing



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