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Help needed with Hauptwerk setup with SSD


David Pinnegar:
It seems utterly impossible to get any response from Milan Digital Audio to the point of driving one to distraction.

Hammerwood has been given a particularly wonderful 4 manual Hauptwerk instrument but with some rather old technology now, and takes ages to load.

I've bought a 1Tb SSD. Can anyone advise me what should be loaded onto the SSD? I understand that SSD units should be read from but not written to very much so it seems that for longevity it's rather vital to ensure the right software components are stored there.

Many thanks

David P

you ask a good question or two ! In general you may not be able to just copy the files over from the old hard disk to the new hard disk. ( if you are talking about the operating system files and main program files ). You might be able to do this with something such as Norton Ghost.
I don't know if you can just copy the sample sets from one hard disk to another ? Or if they have to be installed again ?
regards Peter B

David Pinnegar:

I bought a Sandisk 3D NAND SSD and it's fast. Using software http://downloads.sandisk.com/downloads/acroniswd.exe with a workaround to operate with a non WD disc. Loading now Win 7 even with quite a large organ is around 40 seconds.

Apparently running Windows on one disc and the software on another leads to even more worthwhile speed boost. Well worth doing.

Best wishes

David P


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