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Paricular stop knob and extension rod wanted


During the recent dismantling of an organ I am working with, one knob and its associated wooden tubular extension rod has gone missing.

The knob (including its inscription ďTRUMPET 8") is identical to another which is still on the organ.  Two pictures of the knob which remains can be seen here http://www.hep.phy.cam.ac.uk/~lester/organ_knob_1.jpg and here http://www.hep.phy.cam.ac.uk/~lester/organ_knob_2.jpg  .   A shot of the extension rod from which I just unscrewed a knob may be seen here http://www.hep.phy.cam.ac.uk/~lester/organ_knob_3.jpg .

The wooden shaft on the knob has a diameter of about 8mm, which is of course the same as the internal diameter of the hole in the push rod to which it connects. The extension rod has an outer diameter of about 16mm or 5/8 inch. I canít yet see how to get one of the existing extension rods out, so I donít know how long an extension rod I need.

I will need both a new knob and a new extension rod, if I can't find the originals.

Does anyone have an exact match for these two parts left over some some other organ project?    I have written to kimberallen to see if I can buy new, but though they have parts that would fit, and which look "similar", I am fairly sure from their catalogue that they do not have exact matches.  The turned profile of their knobs is slightly differently embellished.


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