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A Binns cursed by happy clappies . . .

Started by David Pinnegar, March 06, 2020, 10:47:12 PM

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David Pinnegar


This "super little organ" - as described by one of our leading organ builders, has become available due to a change of personnel and policy, mid-stream of a relocation project. It is beautifully made of the finest materials. It was overhauled some years ago by Messrs' Rushworth & Dreaper, including releathering of the pedal and off-note pneumatic motors. The blower has a three-phase motor by Bull, described by an electrical contractor as "very good." There is no asbestos situation, as the blower was previously unencased in an adjoining room. Also with hand blowing with feeders still in place. A very reasonable quotation for an alternative new single-phase blower has already been obtained, should it be required.

Max. height front pipes 5334 / to top of Swell box 3860 / total width of front 3352 (including side panels with dummies extra to main organ) / depth including pedal chest along rear 3352 plus 450 for pedalboard. Pedal chest could be relocated to suit, thus reducing depth.

Great  8   8   8   4   4        Swell  8   8   8   4   8   Pedal  16   8.    Excellent manual tracker action with perfect touch. Pedal pneumatic. Central balanced Swell pedal.

Some ranges of tracker ends have been carefully unbuttoned, the remainder snipped to accommodate the demolition deadline. That apart, and subject to three-phase availability, the organ is "ready to go."

The organ has been professionally dismantled and is stored in secure, temperate atmospheric conditions in Hull, easily accessible for inspection and/or collection at any mutually convenient time.