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Mander and the forum

Started by David Pinnegar, August 26, 2020, 11:56:10 AM

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David Pinnegar

I haven't been following matters in the organ world closely and with shock saw a photo on FB of JPM with boxes of ivory stop knobs having to be sent for destruction. It didn't dawn on me immediately but the news was rather graver than that of mere stop knons.

Manders have been leading builders, restorers and scholars of organs in our generation and their loss is incalculable. I just hope that they leave behind resources in their wake going to other firms but their demise is a most sad loss to the British organ.

It would be appropriate for others to write more about the achievements of the firm in tribute here, and likewise is the loss of the Mander forum which has been a repository of knowledge from which so many have gleaned inspirations.

Whilst the future of the Mander forum is to say the least, perhaps members from there might feel comfortable communicating here and feel "at home". Tony Newnham, PCND, Barrie Davies and Pierre Lauwers are admins and moderators here and anyone else wanting to take part is welcome and we hope also that you'll feel that moderation here is in good hands.

This forum exists to provide enthusiasm and encouragement to organs and organists and organbuilders. It's also a place where organ builders are welcome to indulge in "free advertising", talking about instruments they're building and without inhibition. It's only about enthusing about new things coming along and the best of the old that perhaps new people will sit up and realise that organs are worth talking about, enthusing, and finding enjoyment.

Best wishes

David P



Brownes organ builders in Kent have bought the Mander name & goodwill, etc. and, it seems, will be trading as Mander Organs from the beginning of October.  (Brownes' M.D. used to work for Manders, so there is some continuity).

I agree with David's comments re this forum - why re-invent the wheel?

Every Blessing


Nazard Celeste

Quote from: David Pinnegar on August 26, 2020, 11:56:10 AM
boxes of ivory stop knobs having to be sent for destruction

Please explain.

David Pinnegar

On Facebook there was a photograph and caption by John Mander with said stopknobs and explanation, unless I'm much mistaken.

It's really good to see that the Mander heritage continues now in Kent.

Best wishes

David P