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Shaun Hooper:
Any one out there had any experience of Eminent pedal-boards? This seems to be the budget version and feels like a couple of springs have shot- , on one pedal the (in-built) magnet is triggering the reed switch and making it sound like a damped oscillation, another pedal just wants to stay down just like a cypher.    Both faults are very annoying and are driving me up the wall!.  I can make a temporary bodge by using a terry clip to give a bit more spring to the pedals s , but I would like to replace the springs when I have a bit more time. I have enough technical knowledge to do the job, and it looks like stripping off the bracing woodwork to get to the PCBs which will then have to be removed, so itís not a quick 10 min repair. Eminent organs do not seem to be interested  now that  the guarantee has expired and they have had a change of personnel.
Thanks for any help. Shaun

David Pinnegar:
Member dragonser might be able to help.

Best wishes

David P

I haven't worked on an Eminent pedalboard unfortunately.
the reed switches can be fragile, and can sometimes go intermittent.


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