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ORGAN STOPS - saving the King of Instruments


David Pinnegar:
James Dawson has made a ground-breaking documentary -
gives a taste.

Best wishes

David P

Hello all, I am new to the forum and have been looking through previous discussions with interest.

When will the full version of "ORGAN STOPS - saving the king of instruments" be available?

Best wishes from London,


James Dawson:
Hi Alex,

Thanks you for your interest. The film is showing at film festivals at the moment and then will be realised probably on a streaming website site for purchase - e.g. Amazon.

For the Autumn and Spring (hopefully once Covid is not a concern) we are trying to arrange screenings alongside organ recitals in various locations (churches/town halls etc)  - if you'd like to do that please let me know and we can arrange.  It's going to do a sort of country-wide Road-Show with key contributors coming along to the Q & A. 

Hammerwood would be a great location so I am talking to David about this possibility!

Best wishes

Hi James,

thank you for the information. That all sounds very interesting and like a good idea.

I would certainly be interested in organising something similar in my church where we have a T C Lewis organ. Lewis lived in the vicarage at one point, married in the church, and had a workshop on the next street before moving to Brixton. Please email me if you would like to discuss this further

Best wishes,



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