Author Topic: Ardingly College - Grant Degens & Rippin  (Read 6769 times)

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Ardingly College - Grant Degens & Rippin
« on: March 24, 2010, 11:02:53 AM »

Last night I went to the Lancelot recital at Ardingly College - an interesting instrument presumably a precursor to the famous Grant Degens and Bradbeer instrument 4 years later at New College, especially as rebuilt by Wood Brown without the Violin Diapason foundation on the swell.

Very splendid trumpets giving an awesome Tutti but full organ less reeds is perhaps more reminiscent of a grand chamber organ on a large scale and like New College it has produced some very fine organists. Significantly different idiom from that often found in Public School chapels.

The instrument has been awarded Historic Instrument status for obvious reasons.

Best wishes

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