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A new pipe organ



Last Saturday (26th June 2021) the Coventry & Warwickshire Organists' Association made a return visit to St. Martin, Barcheston, Warwickshire - our first "in person" meeting since Feb 2020.  We had previously visited to see this new organ when nearing completion, and last Saturday was a chance to play it.  Here's 3 pieces I recorded - apologies if the last 2 especially are a bit rough round the edges - I hadn't intended to play them.

Herschel Allegro in F major
Herschel Allegro in G major

Be still improv

Details of the organ by Henry Grove of Nottingham (Consultant Paul Hale) can be found on NPOR:-

I also recorded a couple of things at church on the Sunday morning on the Content 224Compact Digital organ.

Reading A 1st voluntary in C Major

Soften my heart

I'd forgotten just how much real pipes sound than their digital imitations!

Every Blessing


the first three clips are most impressive, Nice to hear a Newly Built Pipe organ.
the Electronic Content Organ is nice in a different way ! the Electronic Sound seems to be much closer ( as in distance )  than the Pipe organ recording.


The recording of the Content is derived from the line output connections on the organ, and so has no room sound, just the reverb on the organ.  That's  probably why it sounds closer.  Also, the samples Content use, although good, aren't on a par with the best (not surprising given the price of the Content).  It does the job pretty well though.

The pipe organ was recorded using the stereo mics on the camcorder (a Sony model that's really a digital audio recorder with a very basic HD video camera attached.  Position was a compromise between being reasonably close for the picture, yet far enough away to try & pick up both sides of the organ (and to try & avoid getting too much "chatter" from the others in the meeting!)

Every Blessing



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