Author Topic: Documentary researcher seeking people enthusiastic about Pipe Organs  (Read 74834 times)

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Re: Documentary researcher seeking people enthusiastic about Pipe Organs
« Reply #100 on: July 09, 2014, 10:24:50 PM »
It would be great fun to help the researcher by sharing my enthusiasm for the organ.

My first encounter was as a small child and I was fascinated by the sound as well as the facade of gold coloured pipes high up in the gallery over the pulpit.   I was finally allowed to go to the gallery to watch the organist play the postlude and was fascinated by the large drawknobs (1927 Pilcher) and watching the organist play the pedals (he wore white bucks!).

Later the organist-choirmaster in another church bribed me to good behaviour in children's choir by allowing me to sit in the chamber while she practiced IF I would behave.  I think this was likely the only successful method of getting good behaviour from me as a child.  ;-) 

My love for the organ was fueled by its appearance within and without.  Interestingly, the console has never really engaged my love for the instrument, although I appreciate a beautiful console and recognize their necessity.   Pipes are what drew me in!

I look forward to the researcher's questions as well as his findings and summation.

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