Author Topic: Good news for Hauptwerk Organists who wish to have electrconic Stop Labels...  (Read 908 times)

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Good afternoon all.

If you would like electronic labels on your Hauptwerk Organs I am glad to say that the process has now been made much easier.
I can now supply a Core Kit of Components and a detailed Constuction Manual which will enable the majority of users to add these
labels to their Hauptwerk Console.

The Core Kit comprises:

- professional quality laser cut Left & Right Stop Plates in Black Acrylic or Quality Beech Ply;

- especially designed Printed Circuit Boards.
  Three PCBs in Left & Right Stop Jambs permit 120 stops to be labelled.
  Smaller jambs can be built using only one (for 20 labels) or two for 40 labels) PCBs per Jamb;

- a Micro-controller + Propietary Software in each Jamb drive the labels on completion of an organ loading;

- the Construction Manual may be purchased with the Kit, or separately, to allow a full assessment of what
  is involved in the project.

I am able to supply almost all of the other components if required, but the lead times and availability of some of them is
 outside my control. All of the other components can be purchased online from many sources, and full specifications are
Click on the link for much more detail:

Feel free to ask any questions!

Best wsihes,

Kenneth Spencer
Kenneth Spencer
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