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EOCS really ought to be called something else - members welcome - wide benefit

Started by David Pinnegar, October 29, 2011, 04:51:33 PM

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David Pinnegar

:-) I'm not sure about being bright enough to understand the IOSCS joke but the society has a broad spectrum of members interested in all aspects of organs, pipe, electronic analogue, digital and software, as well as pipe control systems.

It's a worthwhile gathering of people and minds, many of whom are increasingly white haired and who need to pass on knowledge to younger members.

Best wishes

David P


just to confirm that the website has been updated recently. the Joining page may have moved ? but should be accessible from the main page.
regards Peter B

David Pinnegar

In my browser none of the links to other pages are working . . . :-(

EOCS has now been added to the front page of this forum

Best wishes

David P


The problem for the EOCS (Electronic Organ Constructors Society) is that the membership is dominated by folk of my age (70+) who are probably the last generation who actually used a soldering iron and built complicated things for themselves.   We used to add contacts to a keyboard, now you can buy a midi controller keyboard for £60 or so.  We used to build electronics to generate the frequencies and tones, now everyone just downloads and uses someone else's software package with real samples and the result is infinitely better.  It has never been easier for keen amateurs to put together a "Virtual Organ" that can fit into any home.  The EOCS knows this, but it must reach out to music schools, promote the late Carlo Curly, the current Cameron Carpenter and maybe a lot of other less showy professionals.  With the dwindling church membership, something must be done to make the young want to play organs.