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You can have a Working Compton Organ for free, just take it away with you.

Started by Ron fae Baddyfash, February 27, 2024, 08:26:19 PM

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Ron fae Baddyfash

My user name is Ron fae Baddyfash, as you can probably guess I'm from Scotland but born in England.

Our church in Inverurie near Aberdeen is looking for a good home for our Compton Sonatina  type CH2 Electrone  Organ. On the Sonatina, the base notes, normally speaking from a pedalboard, automatically sound as the manual keys are depressed. It is therefore the ideal model for a player transitioning from a piano, or as a self contained practice organ for home use.  Inside the organ there is a hand written number in blue felt tip pen "M 6408" which is possibly the serial number.  I could not find an official serial number plate inside  the organ.  The Sonatina was Comptom's smallest Electrone organ, It consists of a single manual split in to 2 sections to give the effect of a 2 manual and pedal instrument. It's fully working with every key and stop functioning however there is some noise from the belt drive motor bearings, requiring oiling. The belt is in excellent condition. There may be some mains hum from the aged electrostatic smoothing capacitors in the PSU. These as in all electronic equipment of this era, should be changed out using  modern equivalents as a matter of course. I did think initially that this organ had the rotating speaker array called a "Rotofon" but having examining it further, I discovered this not to be the case. However, there are 3 vibrato stops available which provide a similar effect.
A good clean and some general maintenance may be required. To my personal knowledge, it has not been played for the last 30 years  I believe it was installed from new in the late 60s.  It's obviously in good condition and definitely original but has not been played for a very long time, As long as I can remember, It has been at the rear of the church assuming the role of a table.  Luckily,  it's never been messed about with. I don't know much musically about the organ, me being an retired electrical engineer rather than an organist, other than it has a transistor amplifier rather than the more usual valve version, which may prove to be easier to maintain. I'll take a few photos If I can find out how to add these to this post.
I'll send them in a private e-Mail. to anyone who is interested in giving a new home to to this historic organ, please let me know.

COMPTON'S SPECIFICATON FOR THE SONATINA (information taken from Compton's published literature found online)
2 in 1 Manual CC-C (61 notes) Automatic Base                       

Tromba        8                 Principal           4
Mixture        111 rks.      Dulciana           8
Fifteenth      2                Gedeckt            8
Twelfth        2. 3/4          Diapason          8
Dulcat          4                Geigen             16
Flute            4                Mute

Celseta      4                 Clarinet              8
Flute          4                Concert Flute    8
Horn          8                Flute                16
Oboe         8

Reverberation                  Bass P
Heavy Vibrato                  Bass MF
Light Vibrato
One balanced expression pedal operating on all stops.       

Timescales are now critical, please respond as soon as possible as the organ is scheduled to be broken up for scrap within the next week or so.
 If there are any interested parties who would be interested in saving this historic organ, please contact me APAP.
You can have it for free (subject to a suitable donation to the church we are a charity after all).
You will be required to provide all transport as well as suitable labour to remove it from the church and load it in to your van.

If you would like to inspect and play the organ prior to shipment or include this visit as part of a holiday to Scotland, we would love to see you. We do live in a little known but very spectacular part of the UK with very many scenic and historical places to visit, with very little traffic as compared to England.
If you are interested in motoring, you may be interested in completing the "NC 500" an exhilarating drive around the rugged North Coast  of Scotland. or you may prefer a more leisurely tourist drive around the scenic coastal roads of Aberdeenshire and Moray, then heading south over the Grampian mountains down to Royal Deeside. The route is completed by a visit to Braemar then the scenic drive returning to  Aberdeen.
Please Google both "NC 500" and "North Coast 250"and make your choice, you will not be disappointed, but please pick up the organ on your return!

regards Ron.

Ron fae Baddyfash


I have just received a notification from a non forum source, who is interested in acquiring this organ.
Please note that any "Organ Matters" subscribers,  who from now on should show interest in this organ, will be required to wait until the party either firms up their requirements to purchase, or declines the offer.
Please contact me if any one is still interested and is in a position to wait awhile.

Thank for your understanding.   Ron.