Author Topic: How close is the Hauptwerk simulation to the real St Maximin organ?  (Read 5391 times)

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David Pinnegar

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Here are some samples from a disc comparing the organs of
St Maximin
St Remy de Provence
Albi and

The recording is exceptionally good and the CDs are very much worthwhile buying - "Les Organistes Postclassiques Parisiens 1740-1860" Beavarlet-Charpentier Lasceux G-F Couperin and Benoist played by Nicolas Gorenstein.

Below are extracts demonstrating

The Grand Jeu
Hautbois and Flute
Cromorne sur les fonds
the Voix Humaine

I'm wondering if anyone with the St Maximin sampleset on Hauptwerk might be able to demonstrate how near the Hauptwerk version of this instrument is to the real thing as recorded so well here?

It is of course absurd not to be able to discuss such matters on the Hauptwerk forum.

Best wishes

David P


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