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Currently on the front page of this forum are photographs of

These were taken on the last day of existence of that organ, possibly a Willis, and a delightful small organ arranged over three manuals.

Behind the convent chapel was an enormous pile of broken wood - roof timbers and joists, valuable on the second hand market, just heaped. Nothing was salvaged. The heap was as high as the chapel, and a private second hand fire engine was on hand along the drive to deal with the consequences.

The next day the bulldozers moved in. The chapel was bulldozed. The organ was bulldozed inside the chapel.

Noone cared.

If we are to be able to rebuild our civilisation and what we care for, we cannot just sit back. When you are sliding down a hill, you have to make even greater efforts to progress up the hill.

For that reason this forum exists. In order to reverse the decline, we have to be slightly more evnagelistic about why we think that the organ is worthy of a special place in people's hearts  and I hope that all who care about the organ as an instrument might take an active part in showing people why the organ is so amazing.

Best wishes

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Occasionally the Organ will sneak into popular culture, "hiding in plain view" so to speak.

Some examples from my music collection include the first minute and twenty seconds of  an Alan Parsons Project "classic", "don't let it show" first appearing on their "I, Robot" album.  Use of a real pipe organ in the beginning of that piece brilliantly sets the stage for the whole song... A friend seemed to think they used a Moog synthesizer but on the CD one trained to listen for such things can clearly make out the sound of the tracker action!  Hauptwerk doesn't do that, at least on the performances I have downloaded from (Hmmm. topic for another day? ;)

Danny Elfman scored  Batman-The Motion Picture,  and along with the orchestra the organ appears.

 All of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies feature some really good stuff...  and not just the Organ! 

And the "new-age" modified pedal harpist Andreas Vollenweider has managed to sneak his father
(and the Organ of the Grossmunster) onto a couple of his albums also.

Now it is possible to look at some of the "stats" on "who watches what" on Youtube, and the organ stuff seems to draw an encouraging audience, most of the vids seem to be enjoyed most by males
aged 13 to 18!  Kind of an interesting demographic, eh?



Keyboard player Rick Wakeman is another example of the use of organ in more contemporary "popular" music.  Right from his first solo album (The 6 Wives of Henry VIII) which features a track mainly on pipe organ through to more recent work (solo piano albums excepted - obviously).  About 3 or 4 years ago he recorded a CD of improvisations on the organ of Lincoln Cathedral - an interesting listen.  He also had a small transportable pipe organ built to use on tour.

Every Blessing



--- Quote from: KB7DQH on April 07, 2010, 07:45:47 PM ---Now it is possible to look at some of the "stats" on "who watches what" on Youtube, and the organ stuff seems to draw an encouraging audience, most of the vids seem to be enjoyed most by males
aged 13 to 18!  Kind of an interesting demographic, eh?

--- End quote ---

Dear Eric

Firstly thanks for joining this forum and your enthusiastic posts!

Yes - I have also noticed the same phenonomen on YouTube stats and it really is encouraging. There are places on the net where grey people find comfort in talking to each other but I'm really hoping that this forum may encourage young and young at heart with great experience to talk to each other and hand down wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm.

I have a great friend who I wish would write here but he says:

--- Quote ---Avec le style de ce forum, je ne suis pas motivé. Le niveau est   celui d'une certaine autosatisfaction. Je n'y ai rien trouvé qui rejoint   notre sujet. C'est semer des  graines dans un désert. Je trouve que You   tube est nettement meilleur. Mais Même sur You Tube, j'ai reçu des   injures, c'est pourquoi je ne fait plus de commentaires publics sur You   Tube.   
--- End quote ---

He continues

--- Quote ---Je ne peux pas éclairer des gens qui refusent de bouger de leur   rocking-chair.
--- End quote ---
saying that it's necessary to go _with_ an experienced person to see and to hear and there again, Hugh Potton

implores me never to upload a whole piece as then people won't bother to go to or support live performances . . .

Anyway, I hope for the reason of transferring knowledge from old to young that by posts with requests for enlightenment here such people as my French friend will be persuaded to share their knowledge here.

Best wishes

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Found an essay that may be of interest... here...



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