Author Topic: Carcassonne - another Formentelli and precedent for Positif on 3rd Manual  (Read 3376 times)

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Hi! is an interesting organ at Carcassonne restored in modern times by the great Formentelli who has been responsible in addition for Albi and Rieti. is intriguing - Recit is on IV with Flute and Oboe sounds together with the Cornet, putting the Oboe on steroids and a distinction is made between Positif de Dos on I, conventionally, and Positif d'Intérieur on III.

This is quite amusing as in making additions to the Hammerwood Park instrument I was really troubled by what to call the further stops added to III. As they were not under expression, and in relation to their character, I called it the Positif department, much to the confusion and eye-brow raising of all visiting organists. Yesterday, I removed the label. Tomorrow I'm going to have to print another!

Best wishes

David P


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